Monday, November 3, 2008

Montana State Offices

Montana's Governor, Senator, and Congressman are all headed to easy reelections. Governor Brian Schweitzer leads 62-36, Senator Max Baucus is up 71-26, and Congressman Denny Rehberg leads 60-35.

If you're interested in the results for other statewide offices, click this link.


andgarden said...

Wow, you essentially have Democrats sweeping the ticket, with the exception of House-AL.

gshepherd79 said...

is Florida still coming tonight?

Tom Jensen said...

Florida is still coming.

Unknown said...

Sensing a close race in FL...

andgarden said...

BTW, Tom: thanks for these massive sample sizes. You're giving us something like three or four times what Rasmussen does.

jr1886 said...

I have to agree..sample size is great

Obama +5 in Florida. Can't wait since i work for the campaign here.

hnmnf said...

jr, i hope for your sake and all of ours that Florida looks like this

All the polls of late tonight are so damn close

Unknown said...

Since Tom hasn't said anything yet, I sense a really close race... possibly with McCain leading.

O+5 would be nice though. =)

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