Sunday, November 2, 2008

The PPP Electoral Map

Over the final week of the campaign PPP has already or is going to release polls in 16 battleground states: basically every remotely competitive one except for New Hampshire, North Dakota, and Arizona (can't do 'em all!)

The 16 states we're surveying account for 194 electoral votes. Assigning North Dakota and Arizona to John McCain and New Hampshire to Barack Obama we began the week with Obama at 204 electoral votes and John McCain at 140.

Based on the polls we released Thursday night we can pretty comfortably call Colorado, New Mexico, Michigan, Oregon, and Minnesota for Obama and West Virginia for McCain. So as we start rolling out polls tonight the PPP electoral college stands at 252 for Obama and 145 for McCain. We will keep you updated through the night as it changes.

I think the first poll out, still not for a good while, will be Virginia.


Jeremy said...

Ooooo...throw us a hint ;-)

Gaiilonfong said...

love your work


Valdivia said...

thanks, for the hard work and the great write ups.

Anonymous said...

I love these polls being released after dark. It gives us night owls something to look forward to other than Conan.

gshepherd79 said...

release !!! release !!! release !!!

Anonymous said...

So it sounds as if Iowa is included with the 252 electoral college votes that Obama currently has; I'm pulling for McCain but this Iowa focus seems to be more a product of McCain's ego and demographics (older) than actual tightening according to internal polling.

I'll stick with the projection that Obama will end up with 321 according to your map.

Unknown said...

I love the transparency of this site. I can't see Zogby actually chatting it up with interested folks like this.

Anonymous said...

you guys rock

waiting for today's polls

Anonymous said...

When will the polls be released?
Anyone know?

Me said...

So....what exactly is "not for a good while"? Do I measure it in minutes, hours, days? Should I stop hitting refresh? Thanks for all you do!

Anonymous said...

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