Thursday, January 8, 2009


We'll get a poll in the field over the weekend. I'm thinking we'll test Robin Carnahan and maybe another Democrat against Jim Talent, Roy Blunt, and Jo Ann Emerson. I don't want to test any more than six match ups but if someone 'in the know' about Missouri politics thinks we should test some different folks than those put it in the comments and I'll give it some thought.

In July we looked at Susan Montee and Robin Carnahan against Kit Bond, and in August we looked at how Russ Carnahan and Dick Gephardt stacked up.


Anonymous said...

Don't test Blunt. He wont run and it's a waste of a question. You need to test Kenny Hulshof instead.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you should test Blunt or Hulshof.

Blunt is in the most conservative district in Missouri and its also one of the state's most rural districts. In addition, his son is governor Matt Blunt. Matt decided not to run for reelection because of controversy he attracted when he ran for governor.

Hulshof lost by a large margin to Jay Nixon in the 2008 governor's race.

I think you should test Republican Congressman Sam Graves. He did much better than expected in November in a win against a former Kansas City mayor.

Anonymous said...

It does look like Blunt may be entering the race, though.

Anonymous said...

Test Sarah Steelman as well....

While you are at it, you must be itching to poll the more famous Sarah against Lisa Murkowski now that there are two contrasting polls.

How is Sebelius doing? I would imagine her association with Obama and her state's financial condition is hurting her right now if she were to run for the Senate. Her approval rating is probably below 50 right now. Poll coming soon?

Robert Dible said...

Definitely not Hulshof. The memory of his devastating loss to Jay Nixon will be too fresh in 2010. Steelman? Maybe, it's an interesting thought.

I don't see Blunt polling well, because his name is Blunt. His son Matt's administration was not popular, and that'll hurt.

I'm thinking Sam Graves, Todd Akin, and Jim Talent.

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