Friday, January 30, 2009

Polling the Broncos

Broncos fans are relatively divided over whether firing Mike Shanahan was the right thing to do, Public Policy Polling's newest survey finds, but they're also pretty supportive of the hiring of Josh McDaniels.

43% of self described Broncos fans surveyed supported firing Shanahan, with 31% opposed.

48% of fans approve of the hiring of Josh McDaniels with only 10% disapproving and 42% still unsure. A roughly 5:1 approval rating for a newly hired football coach is pretty darn good.

It's worth noting that even among fans who disagreed with the decision to fire Shanahan, McDaniels gets pretty good marks with 44% approving of the hire and 16% in opposition.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the Broncos' youngest fans are most supportive of one of the youngest coaches in NFL history, with 67% of them approving of the hiring and only 9% unhappy with it.

It is also perhaps worth noting that the 42% of respondents unsure what to think of McDaniels is lower than the 45% of voters in our poll released earlier this week who didn't have an opinion about new Senator Michael Bennet.

Pat Bowlen had to make some tough decisions over the last five weeks but it appears he has the team's fan base mostly behind the choices he made.

Full results here

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