Thursday, November 19, 2009


Losing NY-23 candidate Doug Hoffman became the latest in an increasingly long line of conservative politicians to blame his problems on ACORN yesterday despite the complete lack of evidence the organization played any role in his defeat.

The Republican base is with him though. PPP's newest national survey finds that a 52% majority of GOP voters nationally think that ACORN stole the Presidential election for Barack Obama last year, with only 27% granting that he won it legitimately. Clearly the ACORN card really is an effective one to play with the voters who will decide whether Hoffman gets to be the Republican nominee in a possible repeat bid in 2010.

Belief in the ACORN conspiracy theory is even higher among GOP partisans than the birther one, which only 42% of Republicans expressed agreement with on our national survey in September.

Overall 62% of Americans think Obama legitimately won the election to only 26% who think ACORN stole it for him, as few Democrats or independents buy into that line of thinking.

The organization is generally unpopular though, with only 11% of voters viewing it favorably to 53% with an unfavorable opinion and 36% without one. The only politician we've polled on this year with comparably bad favorability numbers is John Edwards. The constant harping on ACORN by Republican politicians may sound nutso in some circles, but it certainly has hurt the organization's image and it looks like the anti-ACORN message may resonate with a decent portion of the American electorate. ACORN is probably well overdue for a rebranding.

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Anonymous said...

I also believe that ACORN is also responsible for tomato blight and my car troubles on cold mornings.

ttestblogg1 said...

Your sample is skewed: 53% of those surveyed say they voted for Obama's opponents or don't remember. But he WON with 53%.

Anonymous said...

Just. Unbelievable.

I can only console myself (a little) with this:

Only 53% of adults know how long it takes for the Earth to revolve around the Sun.

And 41% of Americans think Saddam Hussein was personally involved in the September 11th attacks (at least through 2007).

One more: only 76% of Americans know the country (England) that America gained independence from in the Revolutionary War.

woobie said...

Dear Republicans,
Thanks for representing the uneducated, ignorant white supremacist portion of America. Enjoy your southern regional party and permanent minority status. Stay classy.

liberal_defender_of_freedom said...

I'm sorry but this is insane. These must be the same numb nuts that think Palin is presidential material.

Anonymous said...

I'd like some of these folks to provide an explanation of what they think ACORN actually does.

I find it very hard to believe that a political action group could be single-handedly responsible for the Republican parties failure to secure the 2008 election.

Stop blaming ACORN, and go raise some political and financial capital for 2010. This is nuts!

Anonymous said...

Different from the numb nuts who thought Obama was presidential material?

jgriff said...

Why would you expect them to think otherwise? ACORN is an organization supported by Democrats with federal tax dollars that has been caught in voter fraud.

Anonymous said...

"Overall 62% of Americans think Obama legitimately won the election to only 26% who think ACORN stole it for him"

"Only" 26%? That's over a quarter of America and the dirt is still coming out on ACORN. It should be very telling in and of itself that we're asking if Obama stole the 2008 election.

ACORN can forgot about "rebranding", since another name change will show them to be even shadier than Americans now know. Even the Democrat-controlled Congress that voted to de-fund ACORN won't be fooled by a name change and a dash of PR.

Anonymous said...

Being a liberal must be tough in this day and age. Everyone else is so uneducated, racist, and crazy. Hopefully, this administration can teach the unwashed masses how to behave, and we can all just get along......

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous! ACORN is a fine upstanding organization that cares for the plight of up-and-coming pimps and prostitutes. Not to mention under-aged, illegal girls who are about to start learning a new trade on their backs.

ACORN ought to be beyond reproach. What kind of inbred lunatics could believe that such a fine organization could have played a part in stealing an election?! Even with numerous cases of voter fraud pending, and files being seized by the Feds, surely any intelligent person knows that ACORN's many hands are clean by default!

Good grief!

PunditPawn said...

Yea, umm, rebrand your product. Don't fix those pesky illegal activity things you have going on institutionally. Just change your image so you don't look quite as bad.

Nice. Now there's some ignoramus advice for you.

bflat879 said...

Has anyone looked at the amount of votes Hoffman picked up during the recount in Oswego county, a county he should have carried by more votes? Something went on there and it wasn't discovered until the Democrats got their vote on the House Floor for Pelosicare.

Can anyone explain how Al Franken gained all of his votes in Minnesota?

Can anyone explain the Washington State Governors election 2 years ago?

Can anyone explain George Soros's Secretary of State project?

This isn't paranoia, this is observing things that just don't look right.

Jeff N said...

It is not debatable that ACORN is systematically involved in voter fraud. It takes about 2 seconds of googling to find a long list of indictments and convictions.

Now, were they involved enough voter fraud to tip the election? Maybe not.

It seems most of their problems revolve around paying people per voter registration, and then those people go fabricate tons of registrations to make more money.

I'm not sure how or if those false registrations actually turn into votes.

Rook said...

Hey Woobie, Uneducated and ignorant Republicans? I doubt if there is one Acorn worker that has ever taken an SAT Test let alone being able to spell it. We could probably get more Democrats involved in polls since most do not have jobs or even want one. Pull some more of you from the Welfare line and the ACLU meetings for a start. It's great to hear from all you intelligent, lazy bastards.

Your Big Brother said...

What did acorn do to steal the election...hmmmmm? Block voters booths, register dead people, but the main thing they do is show everyone how to open up WHORE HOUSES and bring in young girls for LEGAL work! acorn is almost as bad as our president!

Anonymous said...


"Can anyone explain how Al Franken gained all of his votes in Minnesota?"

Did you actually pay attention to what happened in MN? There was a long drawn-out court battle over votes, with Franken winning by 312 votes. There were many votes thrown out on both sides. Hell, there were a few thousand votes in Hennepin county that ONLY voted fro Obama and voted on *nothing* else. If ACORN was involved they did a terrible job, especially with a fairly left to moderate state. Also, if you go back and look at the polls leading up to the election it was *always* close with Franken. Hell he wasn't terribly popular among the DFL until just the few months before the election; even then he wasn't a strong DFL candidate amongst the party.

Being from MN, I never saw anyone from ACORN nor anyone I know ever heard from ACORN. Not saying they weren't here, but they weren't doing much if they were.

Rasmus said...

If ACORN actually stole the election (and therefore rigged millions of votes), the Republican party could just dissolve, because they're never going to win a majority back.

Sorry, guys.

Also, Paul, their sample isn't skewed. It's just that some of Obama's voters don't want to admit that they voted for him anymore and that some people who sat on the fence now say that they voted for McCain- the way they WISH they had voted.

Anonymous said...

The Obama-drones posting here are amusing, if not delusional.

ACORN's main business is election fraud. As long as Democrats rely on ACORN or their derivitives (look that word up) to run their ground game, it is understandable that citizens will wonder if Democrats are using election fraud to win close votes.

Unknown said...

the delusions of liberals are getting more and more hilarious. after the annihilation of the democratic party next year at the polls, maybe PPP can come out with a snarky poll about how democrats believe the midterms were stolen, complete with dishonest insults and all the rest. you idiots are coming in for a big, big fall.

Anonymous said...

obama in action...

Anonymous said...

Living in Washington State we KNOW how they work. Yes these thugs will stoop to anything to win. Sad side of demokracy.

Anonymous said...

At least fewer Republicans believe that ACORN stole the election than Democrats who believe that Bush either planned or knew about the 9/11 attacks in advance.

Anonymous said...

One of the many immoral lies puked up by the right wing is that registration fraud equals voter fraud. Registration fraud consists of a fictitious name , name of a cartoon character, duplicate name, etc. used to register a voter. The simple reason that this is not voter fraud is that Huckleberry Hound doesn't subsequently show up to vote. Much to the disappointment of ignorant Republicans who must fully believe the cute talking dog is a reality.

How many convictions of actual voter fraud have there been in the US in the last 15 years? Less than 100. Look it up.

Lex Alexander, Director of External Relations said...

[[Can anyone explain how Al Franken gained all of his votes in Minnesota?]]

Through following a process specifically laid out in duly enacted law and regulation, a process scrutinized at every step by lawyers for both candidates plus the media and the public. This confluence of events yielded what might have been the most carefully, publicly scrutinized election in history, certainly surpassing Bush v. Gore in 2000.

You're welcome. Next question?

* * *

Who in the pluperfect hell comes up with these question wordings? This didn't SOUND LIKE a push poll, this WAS a push poll, pure and simple.

mark said...

The person who really stole an election was George W. Bush, who did not even win the popular vote and was the worst president in history. As for the comment from the person who said that ACORN was bad, almost as bad as our president, let us stop being nice and state it as it is. You are a moron.

Anonymous said...

No doubt ACORN was responsible for the thief of millions of votes, maybe even enough to swing the recent federal elections. Will you ever see the truth? No, too many lying (or inept) democrat liberal judges in the system. The person from Mn must live in a hole. That's another known stolen election, with the help of lawyers and democrats who use fuzzy math. I shutter when I think there are people walking the streets who still support ACORN after all the massive criminal acts have been exposed. Congress and the white house are now in the hands of organized crime. Some will wake up when it hits them in the pocket and some will die as there is no cure for stupid.
A Firefighter who would rescue a stray dog and leave president O'Dumbo and half of congress laying in the middle of a busy freeway.

Anonymous said...

You can always count on the liberal progressive fascist buffoons to leave the most entertaining comments. Keep it up guys, if it weren't for you these articles with B.S. polls in them would be REALLY boring.

Syl said...

"I'm not sure how or if those false registrations actually turn into votes."

Easy. Flags are raised when there are more votes than registrants. This is where all those phony extra registrations help.

BTW, MSNBC is mocking Hoffman for complaining about ACORN since 'everybody knows' ACORN doesn't have many (any) offices up there. But the Family Workers Party does and is a subsidiary of ACORN and endorsed Scozzafava!!

Evan said...

Nice question wording, guys.

"Do you think that Barack Obama legitimately won the Presidential election last year, or do you think that ACORN stole it for him?"

Do you know the first thing about survey methodology?

William in AZ said...

Did YOU actually pay attention to what happened in MN?

From a Nov. 8th, 2008 article in NewsBusters:
"In the Coleman-Franken Senate recount battle developing in Minnesota, almost all media accounts fail to mention that Democratic Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, who largely controls the process, is not only a liberal Democrat, but also an ally of ACORN and liberal philanthropist George Soros.

Even fewer media outlets report the fact that both Ritchie and fellow Democrat Al Franken were endorsed by ACORN. Ritchie, like so many liberals, is dismissive of electoral fraud allegations in general. He failed to investigate claims by a conservative group about voter roll irregularities. (See "SOS in Minnesota," American Spectator, Nov. 7, 2008)

The Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune doesn't mention Ritchie's affiliations. Nor does an ABC News story, a story by an ABC News affiliate in Duluth, a Minneapolis-St. Paul FOX TV station's story, or a New York Post story.

An AP story mentioned Ritchie was a Democrat but left out the ties of Ritchie and Franken to ACORN."

ACORN is active and fraudulant. Just knowing that that organization was involved in the NY-23 election process warrants an ivestigation and recount. Those of you who discount the intent and ability of ACORN to defraud the voters in any election are extremely naive and/or biased.

BTW, I agree with several of the posters here who point out that it is overwhelmingly the Democrat-Progressive voters who are illiterate, lazy, and easily herded. By simply tossing that description out at Conservatives is akin to their supportive stance on ACORN -- it has no merit or basis in fact.

Phil Epstein said...

Acorn has had problems with voter REGISTRATION fraud. That is not at all the same thing as voter fraud. There are NO cases of proven voter fraud by ACORN.

Anonymous said...

I guess no amount of evidence is good enough for the Obama Worshipers.

nunya said...

No, it's actual election fraud, like falsely reporting election results:

and throwing old ladies out of their wheelchairs and locking Hillary voters out during the primaries:

george said...

Well, the alternative is to believe that your neighbors want to rob you blind and are willing to use the force of the federal government to do it. The alternative is to believe that the citizens of the US elected a man who hates every principle on which this country was founded and who works every day to see that we are humbled and made to pay for our successes/sins. One who thinks nothing of backing would-be dictators for life in Honduras while pissing on our newly liberated friends in Poland. A man that thinks nothing of threatening entire industries with bankruptcy if they don't believe and act as he wishes. A man who cannot tell you what a P/E ratio is or how many states there are in the Union without the aid of a teleprompter.

No one wants to believe that their neighbors are so stupid, venal and insane as to vote for such a person... no one wants to believe that their neighbors are so willing to use force against them to take what they are not entitled to and have not earned... so the only alternative is to believe other forces are at work.

ACORN is a good target because their sole purpose for being is to skew elections towards the socialists and subvert our laws. It's not like they haven't been found guilty of all sorts of election and campaign violations in states across the US. It's not like they aren't run by crooks and don't commit both monetary and election fraud on a regular basis. The rank and file of ACORN will tell you candidly that they were there to get Obama elected by hook or crook and our tax money is taken from us by force to pay them to propagandize against us and to commit crimes in service of the ruling party. They were very effective at stirring up sentiment on one side and helping only one side register and make it to the polls and have even bragged about it. It is EXACTLY the same as in every Banana Republic that has ever existed. It is directly out of the socialist playbook and it is not surprising in the least.

So no, while organizations like ACORN are allowed to continue to exist and flaunt the law with nary a peep out of law enforcement or the media there will be doubts about any election in which they are involved. The legitimacy of the government will be questioned and to the extent that the Congress continues to ignore the Constitution to inflict health care rationing or energy rationing on us the government will continue to be seen as illegitimate by large numbers of the population.

How could it possibly be otherwise?

But frankly, in my own case, I don't see the need to ascribe to malevolence what can so easily be explained by stupidity. The last election just proves the point the other poster made... there are a lot of ignorant people in this country. Unfortunately, they now control all three branches of government.

If that isn't worthy of a conspiracy theory I don't know what is.

p. anthony allen said...

Prior to the 2008 election (under the Bush administration), U.S. Department of Justice Attorney General Alberto Gonzales fired U.S. Attorney David Iglesias after Iglesias (a committed Republican) failed to prosecute a New Mexico ACORN chapter. Investigations by the U.S. Attorney's office found no evidence of "voter" fraud. (fraudulently cast VOTES)

ACORN has more than 1200 chapters and over 400,000 members. So far, the U.S. Attorney's office has found illegal "voter REGISTRATION" perpetrated by ACORN members. Conservative activists and amateur undercover reporters have found that ACORN "promotes underage prostitution."

1200 chapters and 400,000 members and "NOT ONE" ACORN member has been prosecuted for "VOTER" fraud or underage prostitution!

Call me when an underage prostitute illegally votes under the name Mickey Mouse...

Anonymous said...

ACORN caused my hemorrhoids.

Papa Ray said...

Yea and Hoffman will most likely sue over this.

chas_m said...

ACORN gave me cancer!!!

Ignorance and stupidity (and the natural byproduct, paranoia and xenophobia) are HUGE problems in the US, probably the biggest single problem they have truthfully.

An educated America could easily rule the world again as it once did, but luckily for those of us outside the US, that doesn't seem likely to happen in our lifetimes.

Ask the same people who think ACORN stole this election if Diebold at a very minimum "tampered with" 2004 and Jeb Bush's administration and the right-leaning Supreme Court stole the 2000 election (both factual arguments for which a strong case can be made) and see what they say. They'll just look at you like a puppy.

Personally, I think it's only right that the Right get to enjoy the depression and fear that the Left had to live through for eight years. Fair's fair -- they got their turn, they blew it, now it's the grownups' turn.

UncleDavid said...

Jeff commented: " It takes about 2 seconds of googling to find a long list of indictments and convictions".

Well, I googled for 2 seconds. All I found was a short list, endlessly repeated, of individual ACORN employees who had been indicted and convicted of fraud. And unsubstantiated allegations against the organization itself.

I work for a large, and respected software company. We have had employees, heck, even vice presidents, convicted of fraud. Some against the company, some ostensibly on our behalf. They were all immediately relieved of their duties, in a very public way. Does that make the company a criminal organization? Does that make me a criminal?

No, all this shows is that the Fox Two Minutes Hate, again endlessly repeated, has had the usual effect of the continuously repeated lie.

By the way, Anonymous said: "derivitives (look that word up)". I tried, but I couldn't find it. Maybe you should look it up yourself first?

Anne said...

"Do you think that Barack Obama legitimately won the presidential election last year, or do you think that ACORN stole it for him?"

Please, convince me that this is not deliberately prejudicial. OK, don't bother -- I doubt you can.

If you're going to do conservative push polls, how do you keep your D clients? Meanwhile, if that was a mistake, it's a pretty bad one...but it strikes me as duplicitous, not accidental.

Anonymous said...

The only way to vote with fraudulent registration is with fraudulent government issued ID. That would be voter fraud, for which ACORN is not even accused.

YOU were fooled by whoever led you to believe voter fraud had anything to do with an election.

You probably don't want to believe in Evolution either - because you can't keep up. There's a reason we call ourslves *progressives* - its time to MoveOn into the future.

Anonymous said...

"grownups'"? Our Prez and his Ilk are all Liars! go to and put in, 7 Lies In Under 2 Minutes. YEAH! I guess you must be a :grownup to have that many lies in under two minutes!

Anonymous said...

Just recalling all the Leftist morons who kept blaming Diebold and how the Republicans magically knew exactly which State and district would be the key decider for elections.

At least on the ACORN side we have actual evidence, trials, and convictions of people doing illegal actions and policies set up in violation of election laws.

Anonymous said...

"Clearly the ACORN card really is an effective one to play with..."

Your wording could not have been better! Someone has come up a way to effectively play the Acorn card, the Obama Joker and of course the race card..... call it a Royal Flush! Let's Dump The Jokers!

RB Glennie said...

I wonder, what percentage of Dummy... er Democrats believe that Gore won in 2000, and Kerry won in 2004.

As you say: `in spite of the fact that there is absolutely no evidence for either of these contentions...'

Perhaps there is a poll for that, too, I haven't seen it.

Unknown said...

As someone who was an organizer for ACORN for several months let me dispell some of the ignorant ideas being propagated here.
One, there is only one conspiracy going on at ACORN and its explicit in its mission statement and name.
It is waging reformist local and national political struggle collectively for the working-class and underclasses in our DEMOCRATIC nation. This is perfectly just, legal and upholds the ideals of political action this nation was founded on. If you are against ACORN's mission and right to pursue it, you are a undemocratic fascist who is closer to a Republikaner than a Republican and whose real motivation for hating Obama is obvious to all excluding perhaps your delusional selves.

Now, if your distorted political beliefs are reactionary, couched in racism and/or discrimination against those less fortunate than yourself, you most likely hate the idea of those you consider inferior mobilizing collectively against what you justly or falsely believe is your interests.

Yes, ACORN registers voters...voters who are ignored by other groups (some rightwing)who also register voters. This is also legal and right. If someone (ACORN employee or registree) obviously falsifies a registration ACORN is LEGALLY obligated to notify the authorities and TURN IN the registration as if it were real. That's the law, don't like the law...change it.

ACORN is a human organizition and as such is far from perfect. That said, it also stands up for poor neighborhoods who are often ignored, unkempt and underserviced by institutionally racist and classist city and municipality governments. Don't believe it? I didn't either until I went on foot into these kind of N-hoods in Pittsburgh and Orlando. It's a disgrace that these neighborhoods have to fight for basic services like garbage collection and law enforcement and yes it makes me question the justness of a society that allows these same people struggling for a better world to be scapegoated so easily by pigs who only care about themselves.

If we really were interested in pursuing fraud against taxpayers we would immediatly hold hearings on our defense contractors who have defrauded us of 66 BILLION dollars in the last year and have been cited for fraud HUNDREDS of times during the same period...but then that would be siding with not just ACORN's but all of our interests right?

Unknown said...

This long list of comment is really sad and telling about us Americans. Can not of you think on your own?

This list of comment contains NOTHING substantial. It is all just pointless and stereotypical insults being hurled back and forth.
I find it absolutely amazing, and somewhat sad.

Did acorn steal the election?
Of course not. There were many people that voted for Obama because they felt inspired by his speeches.

I say speeches and not message because he never had a message. His speeches contained nothing of substance, and that is precisely why he was voted into office.

Obama tapped into peoples emotions. He made them feel good and hopeful about the future, without saying what that future would be. That is why so many of my peers (college students) voted for him.

I do not believe that either candidate was worthy of the office. Both MaCain and Obama were/are awful. In my opinion there has not been a decent politician in my lifetime and I do not expect on anytime soon. They all just pander for our votes so they can steal our money with no resistance.

The real people that you Republicans should be concern about is Congress. The office of the president can do very little without the Congress. They are the ones that pass the law and make the budgets. Who really cares who is president. As long as you have a level headed Congress a President can do very little harm.

Both sides need to stop being sheep. Open your eyes and form a valid opinion based on your own beliefs. The right needs to stop taking every word that Hannity speaks as gospel, and the left needs to learn how to think logically about politics and leave "feeling good" out of the equation.

Unknown said...

Yeah, that's a great idea, let re-brand ACORN.While we're at it lets rebrand crap,puke,fart. As a mater of fact that is about all you liberal losers have to offer, change the name and continue with the same stupidity.I 've got it lets re-brand stupid then all of you would feel a lot better. That should be so easy even a democrat could do it.

steve said...

"ACORN has no members, leaders or staff in NY-23 and had no involvement in the recent Congressional election there..."

Anonymous said...

Can you please post how many people answered question #5?

Unknown said...

ACORN has been exposed for what it is, a corrupt, criminal enterprise that uses the poor and minorities to do there dirty work and hide behind. The race pimps in the heirarchy of the organization are the problem not necessarily the members.

Throughout America in every major city under democrat control, Detroit, New Orleans, Philedelphia, you name it, the 50 worst America has to offer you will find the strongest presence of first the democrat party ,second ACORN and third the unions like SEIU and fourth the ignorant fools like those that have written on this page supporting their continued enslavement with their support of Acorn in these inner city hells. They use and abuse the poor and ignorant holding them in virtual slavery by poisoning their minds robbing them of hope,insuring their poverty so they can fatten themselves by claiming they are there to save them. And its been the same for 50 years. Enjoy it while you can you have been exposed, the American people have seen you for what you truly are and your days are numbered.Sarah Palin is not your problem, being seen for what you are is.

Anonymous said...

Hello? Does anyone bother to read these comments? Can you please report how many people answered question #5?

Anonymous said...

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