Monday, November 2, 2009

Republicans headed for a Virginia sweep

Bob McDonnell leads Creigh Deeds 56-42 in PPP's final poll of the race.

In a finding that may sum up what happened here 63% of voters in the state think McDonnell made a strong case for why he should be Governor while only 34% said the same of Deeds. Even 36% of Deeds' supporters said he hadn't made a good argument for why he should be elected.

Beyond that the same themes that have shown throughout the general election show up in the last survey. 61% of McDonnell's voters are 'very excited' to vote on Tuesday while just 14% are 'not very excited.' For Deeds' supporters on the other hand 36% are 'not very excited about casting their ballots and just 31% are 'very excited.' That enthusiasm gap has existed for months now and made a Deeds comeback all but impossible.

McDonnell continues the overwhelming lead he has had with independents for the entire campaign, 63-33. He's also benefiting from greater party unity, winning 94% of the Republican vote to Deeds' 87% of the Democratic vote.

McDonnell will be bringing some folks with him. Bill Bolling leads 54-41 for Lieutenant Governor and Ken Cuccinelli has a 55-39 advantage for Attorney General. Republicans also have a 48-39 lead on the generic House of Delegates ballot.

Voters in the state seem to know what's coming. 64% say they think McDonnell will win to only 24% who believe Deeds will pull it out.

It's likely to be a quick election night in Virginia Tuesday.

Full results here


Anonymous said...

Think you got something wrong for the Q9 results; the question was for Obama's approval, but the results are 'Democrat' and 'Republican.'

Anonymous said...

The real loser in this race is The Post. Their amateurish, incessant hammering of the thesis was in the end about as ineffectual as Fox's attempts to associate Obama and Ayers in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the last poster about the Washington "Com-" Post: they played the thesis thing way overboard. Beyond just some newsworthy piece of history, but what seemed like a coordinated campaign with the Deeds camp. It's no surprise since I can't really remember the last time the Compost endorsed a non-leftist anyhow.

And, has anyone noticed you can find any information about any VA delegate races on the Compost website? At least recently.

It will be nice to get McDonnell in the governor's office. People talk about wanting change yet they keep voting for the Dems here in NoVa. Guess they only want change when its on their terms.

Venu said...
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