Monday, February 1, 2010

Alaska GOP Delegations Looks Safe

In a year when Democrats have already had to play defense in Massachusetts, offense in Alaska probably wasn't in the cards anyway but our poll of the state confirms its GOP Senator and Congressman are in solid shape for reelection this year.

Lisa Murkowski is one of the more popular Senators we've polled of late, with 52% of voters in the state approving of the job she's doing to 36% who disapprove. She's just as popular with the Republican base as Sarah Palin, with a 77/13 approval spread. She also has an unusual level of crossover support from Democrats. 33% of them are happy with her to 56% who disapprove.

Tested against a generic Democratic opponent Murkowski leads 52-25, including a 42-27 advantage with independents. She doesn't have much to worry about for reelection.

Don Young had a tough fight in 2008 but it looks like he may have an easier go of it this time around. His approval rating is 43%, with 41% of voters displeased with him. But it's important to note that among Republicans his level of support is 67%, indicating that he should have an easier time with the primary than he did two years ago when now Governor Sean Parnell almost beat him out.

Young leads Democratic opponent Harry Crawford 49-34. He wins 16% of the Democratic vote while Crawford gets just 9% of Republicans, and he also holds a 41-38 advantage with independents.

It's early in the year but for now it looks the Congressional races in Alaska won't be too difficult for their Republican incumbents.

Full results here


Erich Heyssel's Blog said...

In your Alaska release you refer to Don Young as "Bill Young"... I'm sure you know the difference, but you might want to correct that error.

Tom Jensen said...

Appreciate your catching that

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