Monday, February 8, 2010

An update on our VA-5 Poll

Despite the heavy snowfall in some parts of VA-5 we got a pretty good response on our poll there over the weekend. But because some portions of the district, particularly around Charlottesville, lost power at one time or another we're going to keep doing callbacks through Wednesday just to be on the safe side. Expect results on Thursday.


Mark Brooks said...

Thanks, Tom, for waiting and getting it right.

Samuel said...

The poll will be weighted for location, correct?

MMX FLEX said...

We've been spotlighting this race at Perriello's vote for increasing the debt ceiling after voting for the big three policy disasters (stimulus, c&t, and obamacare) probably doesn't sit well with the moderate/conservative 5th. Remember, he was voted into office as a mere protest vote against Virgil.

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