Friday, February 12, 2010

Hutchison's New Ad

Very interesting that Kay Bailey Hutchison leads off her newest tv ad by posing the question 'Maybe you like us both. Why me?'

That confronts a big problem for her that we found on our poll of the race this week- people who like them both are leaning overwhelmingly toward Perry, 61-15. Those folks account for 26% of the primary electorate. Take them out of the picture and Hutchison actually leads 32-30.

Perry's big lead with that group seems to suggest a segment of GOP voters who wish both Perry and Hutchison would stay right where they are. A Hutchison loss in this primary would certainly be a big blow politically but it would be a stretch to say it means she'll have trouble getting reelected to the Senate in 2012- it may just be that voters like her as a Senator and not as a Governor, particularly when there's a sitting Governor who they like well enough.

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Texas Conservative said...

Kay Bailey Hutchison has repeatedly promised to resign after the election if she loses. We, the voters of Texas, will hold her accountable for that pledge. We want someone with a spine. KBH is terrible. If she runs in 2012, you can bet she will be challenged and defeated in a primary, maybe by someone like Michael L. Williams.

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