Thursday, February 4, 2010

Quinn's Challenge

Now that Pat Quinn is the Democratic nominee for Governor in Illinois he has some serious healing to do with supporters of Dan Hynes if he's going to get reelected this fall.

Our general election poll last week found that among voters with a favorable opinion of Hynes Quinn led Andy McKenna just 42-40 and Jim Ryan 43-41. Neither McKenna nor Ryan will be the Republican nominee, but since they polled about the same they can essentially be seen as generic GOP candidates.

There were an unusual number of voters on our poll who were willing to vote Democratic in the fall if Hynes was the nominee, but not if Quinn was. Of course we saw a pretty similar dynamic with supporters of Hillary Clinton two years ago and by the fall most everyone was on the same page. History will have to repeat itself this year if Quinn's going to get a full term.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

With Teabagger nominee Brady the opponent, Quinn should be fine. However his Lt. Gov might give him trouble.

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