Thursday, February 25, 2010

NC Filing Roundup

Quick update on North Carolina filing:

-I know what legislative primary I'll be most interested in on election night- former House Speaker Richard Morgan is challenging incumbent Harris Blake for the State Senate. I have a hard time seeing Morgan winning that one but it should be interesting to watch.

-It's been a very good couple of days for House Democratic recruitment. They got candidates in three of the races where the GOP candidate won by the smallest margin in 2008. Robin Anderson will challenge Nelson Dollar, Debra McHenry is taking on Paul Stam, and John Eaker will face Pearl Burris-Floyd. They also got a candidate- Mary Accor- who will challenge Tim Moore in the most Democratic leaning district currently held by a Republican. Moore was unopposed two years ago.

-The US Senate primaries on both sides have gotten more crowded, with Ann Worthy getting in on the Democratic side and Larry Linney for the Republicans.

-Heath Shuler has drawn a primary challenger in Aixa Wilson. That now makes 7 of 13 North Carolina House members facing an election in May.

Tomorrow's the last day!

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Anonymous said...

By my rough count, final numbers show 44 House seats where only one party has candidate(s) - 13 for Democrats and 31 for Republicans.

On the Senate side, Republicans have a candidate in every race. Democrats did not file for 11 of the 50 Senate seats.

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