Monday, February 15, 2010

NC Day 5 Filing Roundup

The pace of filing is beginning to slow a little bit but there are still some new developments to talk about:

-You can file this one under 'the political climate's not that bad!' Two Republicans- Jerry Grimes and Ashley Woolard- have lined up to run against G.K. Butterfield. Good luck getting 40% folks...

-Larry Kissell and Howard Coble both picked up primary challenges in the forms of Nancy Shakir and James Taylor respectively. I've never heard of either of these folks so can't imagine they're going to have much money. The only primary an incumbent Congressman's involved in in North Carolina that really looks interesting is Patrick McHenry's.

-Republicans continue to have some success in getting candidates in slightly Democratic leaning districts where they didn't run anyone two years ago. New senator Margaret Dickson will face Wesley Meredith in Tony Rand's old Senate seat while Douglas Yongue faces Gaston Pridgen on the House side. These are districts that would only go to the GOP in an incredible landslide, but as I've been saying, it's good to have the candidates so you can take advantage of the landslide...

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