Wednesday, February 10, 2010

North Carolina Day 2 Filing Roundup

I may not be completely pure in talking just about folks who filed just yesterday...just a lot of information to absorb. So today I'm going to focus on developments so far this week in the state House picture:

-We now have rematches from a couple of the closest races in 2008. Norman Sanderson, who lost 50-48 to Alice Graham Underhill, is back for more as is Rayne Brown who lost 53-47 to Hugh Holliman. Those are going to be tough holds for Democrats, although Underhill and Holliman have both shown an ability to win some hard races in the past. (Underhill did lose in 2002 before winning close races in 2004, 2006, and 2008.)

-Democrats in some pretty marginal districts who didn't even have opponents in 2008 are starting to see some line up. Bob England represents one of the most Republican leaning ones currently held by a Democrat and he's already got a pair of opponents in Alan Toney and Mike Hager. Arthur Williams also ran unopposed in a relatively divided district last time around- he'll face GOPer Bill Cook. And Rick Glazier, in a leaning but not overwhelmingly Democratic district, has a Republican opponent in Jackie Warner after getting a free ride last time around. As I said yesterday, for the GOP to have any chance of getting control of the House the first step is to at least have candidates in all these places where they came up empty last time around.

Two other notes:

-Mark Hollo is running again for his old seat, which he lost narrowly to Ray Warren in 2006 and 2008. Warren is not seeking reelection and this is probably the #1 GOP pick up opportunity on the House side.

-Ann Newman has filed to run for Jim Gulley's old seat. This may be the best opportunity Democrats have to play offense this year between it being an open seat and more Democratic than almost any other House seat Republicans currently hold.

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