Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why is Medina doing well?

Debra Medina's surprising success in the Texas Republican primary for Governor seems to be driven more by anti-establishment sentiment than ideology.

Among GOP voters who think Congressional Republicans are too liberal Rick Perry still leads with 41% to 34% for Medina and just 17% for Kay Bailey Hutchison. Medina certainly does better with those voters than she does with the overall electorate but it's not enough to put her ahead of the incumbent.

Among GOP voters who just generally disapprove of Congressional Republicans though Medina goes into the lead with 37% to 32% for Perry and 22% for Hutchison. Those are the folks who are just plain unhappy with the establishment and she can win with them.

Does that mean the success of the Tea Party movement generally relies more on anti-establishment feelings than ideology? Hard to say. When we polled Kentucky in December Rand Paul was up 44-24 overall. With primary voters who felt Congressional Republicans were too liberal he lead 54-18. With ones who generally just didn't like Congressional Republicans he led by a pretty similar 55-21 margin.

I'll be interested to see the data on those fronts when we finally poll Florida, and also as more of these viable Tea Party candidacies emerge.


Anonymous said...

The reason Medina is doing so well, is that her message resonates with the Texas voter.

To say she only resonates with those voters who are angry with established government is kninda like saying she resonates with everyone. I mean have you looked at the polls? Everyone, conservatives and liberals, seems to be angry with the government and with our politicians.

Mr. P said...

she's ballin!

Alex Wallenwein said...

As usual, this commentary on Debra Medina fails to properly disgnose the reason for the anger. The reason is our politicans' continued, annoying (and oftern deliberate) ingornace of their proper constiutional role in government. Voters are beginning to wake up to that fact - and Medina has already proven many times over that she will stick to principle and the Texas and US Constitutions.

That's her appeal.

Anonymous said...

I had Debra's bumper sticker on my car until she hinted at being a truther on the radio the other day. I pulled off the road and removed my bumper sticker (magnetic).

Anonymous said...

She of the People and by the People. She stands for the People. Not corporations or lobbyists or banks. The citizen electorate is who she is for. It's that simple. Perry sold his soul years ago.

Anonymous said...

Debra Medina has a platform that actually will make it possible to own my own property. While Perry offers the same Texas Toll Road taxes to be given to foreign interests,more proposed unproven possible "Forced" injections to my children for big pharma payoffs and a Perry payoffs. Forced inoculations are what communist countries do, and Rick Perry doesnot have the constitutional authority to do so at the expense of my childrens safety. It has been shown that 14 children in just the state of Tx alone have died from the Gardisil injections. No thanks Perry, your nazi styled tactics aren't wanted by Texans. As for Kay Bailey Hutchinson, she is also a RINO who is actually a liberal on abortion and not even considered by me as anyone I could vote for. She isnot conservative whatsoever. I am a native Texan born and raised. I know who won the debates, and who cares about Texas and Texans. That person is Debra Medina candidate for governor of my home state of Texas! Go Debra Medina, we need you as our next governor in Tx and it is time to get rid of these tired old worn out has beens. It truly is time for REAL CHANGE here in Texas.

Anonymous said...

Debra Medina represents real Texans, the real Texas, and not the internationalist, corporatist entities Perry does.

Debra is the resurgence of the spirit of America. Those people who are siding with Perry and Palin are siding with the establishment and against the people.

Greg Butko said...

I think a lot of people are starting to realize that the Republican and Democrat parties are controlled at the top by the same special interests. That's why nothing ever changes.

When someone like Ron Paul challenges the Establishment Republicans, the gloves come off. The upstart will be ignored or lampooned by the party leadership.

The Tea Party Movement is NOT a Republican phenomenon. The Republicans are just, if not more of a threat to our freedoms. They claim to be Conservatives. They claim to be for small government. They claim to be for freedom. But they are not!

The globalists controlling both parties have contempt for our Constitution. They have been swindling us for almost a century through inflation - and the Federal Reserve is the engine of inflation. They have been waging undeclared wars for sixty years. They dictate to the states.

The Tea Parties are not about to embrace Sarah Palin, or New Gingrich. They don't want term limits or some silly Contract with America. They want Constitutional government, honest money and freedom. And the GOP doesn't qualify.

WRG said...

To February 13's "Anonymous" poster: The opposite of "truther" is "liar." Is that what you are? I would surmise "you can't handle the truth" and you are far from alone in that. In fact, it's the only thing keeping this "Matrix" going.

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