Friday, February 19, 2010

Week 2 Filing Roundup

Missed a few days of filing round ups, here's what's happening:

-There really are an incredible number of Republicans lining up to run for North Carolina's House seats now. Heath Shuler, G.K. Butterfield, David Price, and Larry Kissell all now have four opponents duking it out in the GOP primary to face them. Brad Miller and Mike McIntyre each have a pair so far. Bob Etheridge has only one but more are expected against both him and Miller. We're probably bound for some runoffs with these crowded candidate fields. And the primary challenges aren't exclusive to races where there's a Democratic incumbent- Howard Coble already has a pair for renomination and Patrick McHenry has one with another on the way.

-Not much action on the Senate side. The most notable thing is the filing of a GOP candidate against A.B. Swindell who is in a leaning but not overwhelmingly Democratic district and went unopposed two years ago. He'll face Donnie Weaver. And continuing the eager Republicans narrative, there are now two vying for the right to face Steve Goss this fall and three looking to be the party nominee against Joe Sam Queen.

-On the House side the two most interesting pieces of information both come from the Mountains. Tim Moffitt has filed for a rematch against Jane Whilden, who defeated him 52-48 two years ago. And Republican Mark Crawford is running against the winner of the Bruce Goforth-Patsy Keever primary. That general election shouldn't be competitive but sometimes weird things can happen if there are hard feelings after a spirited primary.

One more week!

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Erich Heyssel's Blog said...

Howard Coble is a Republican, and poll VA 11!

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