Thursday, February 4, 2010

Democrats for the Saints, Republicans for the Colts

Americans are so polarized right now, even the Super Bowl's dividing them along party lines.

Overall 32% of voters we polled on our last national survey said they'd be rooting for the New Orleans Saints this Sunday, with 22% going for the Indianapolis Colts and 46% expressing no preference.

There's a significant partisan divide within those numbers, as Democrats prefer the Saints by a 36-21 margin while Republicans say they want the Colts to be victorious by a closer 26-25 spread. Independents lean toward the Saints as well, 33-20.

Beyond the partisan divide it's also interesting to note that a plurality of voters don't care about who wins the game. It will still pile up huge ratings Sunday night but that finding just quantifies the fact that for many watching the Super Bowl is more about the spectacle than what happens on the field.

Full results here


Christian Liberty said...

so we FINALLY have a poll this election cycle in which independents side with the Democrats instead of the Republicans. Tellingly, this is about all that Democrats and Independents seem to agree on anymore.

Venu said...

It seems to me that it is more of an age division than partisan.

DrZin said...

Both QBs are Fredheads, so a good conservative can't lose.

This conservative says, "HOODAT!"

Anonymous said...

James Carville calling Colts fans lousy human beings probably didn't help the polarization.

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