Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Battle of the Perdues

We haven't given Bev Perdue much positive news on the polling front since she took office, but here's something she can take to heart: she's the most popular Governor Perdue in the country.

Over the weekend we found Georgia's Governor Perdue- Sonny- with a 29/52 approval spread. That's worse than the 30/47 Bev put up on our monthly North Carolina poll in February.

The two Perdues are suffering from some similar problems. Neither is very popular with independents- Sonny's at 28/50 and Bev's at 29/49. They're also not all that well liked within their own parties- Sonny's got 44% approval from Republicans while Bev has 41% approval from Democrats. Bev's disapproval numbers are lower than Sonny's though because Republicans don't dislike her as much as Democrats dislike him. She has 58% disapproval across party lines while his is 70%.

Now Bev has something to lord over her southern colleague at Governor's meetings.


Anonymous said...


Insider Advantage has Perdue at 52/38.

One of you is wrong.....

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the moronic idea of "praying for rain" has anything to do with Sonny Perdue's horrible approval ratings. Oh those southern conservatives never learn.

Christian Liberty said...

Sonny Perdue's approval ratings are OVER 50%

"As ratings for governors go these days, Perdue is doing very well. He enjoys a healthy 52% approval with 38% disapproval and the rest undecided. With states out of money, the economy bad, and the public angry, any incumbent governor who can stay above 50% should be more than pleased. However, I don’t think you will find Perdue determining the outcome of the GOP gubernatorial. Ironically, he had a higher disapproval level among those who described themselves as Republicans than among those who call themselves independents. Still, overall good news for Perdue.

Both the Obama and Perdue surveys included 1,184 registered voters and were weighted for age, race, gender, and political affiliation. The margin of error was plus or minus 2.7%"

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