Monday, March 22, 2010

Wisconsin Poll Preview

We'll have our full Wisconsin Senate numbers out tomorrow, and it's a close race between Russ Feingold and Tommy Thompson. But there was one piece of information in the poll that bodes particularly ill for Thompson...and Dan Coats in Indiana as well.

1% of Wisconsin voters have a favorable opinion of Washington lobbyists. I think something polling at 1% is a new one for us. 77% view them negatively. And you better believe that if Thompson gets in the race that Washington lobbyist card will get played over and over and over again.

Tax and spend liberals, which Feingold is sure to be labeled as, are considerably more popular than Washington lobbyists. Only 53% of voters have an unfavorable opinion of them, and 18% even like them!

A bad national political climate has Feingold looking potentially a lot more vulnerable than would have been expected a year ago, but what Thompson's been doing since leaving the Bush administration could end up being baggage on par with Feingold's association with an unpopular Congress. We'll have those numbers out in the morning.

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