Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Byrne, Moore lead the way for Republicans

Bradley Byrne and Roy Moore appear to be the early front runners for the Republican nomination for Governor of Alabama.

Byrne leads with 27% and Moore is close behind at 23%. Clustered in what is more or less a three way tie for third are Robert Bentley and Kay Ivey at 10% and Tim James at 9%.

Moore is easily the most well known and popular of the Republican candidates. 76% of primary voters have an opinion of him and it breaks down favorably 48/28. A majority of voters have no opinion one way or the other about the rest of the GOP field. 60% are ambivalent toward Byrne with 31% seeing him favorably and 9% unfavorably. For Ivey it's 54% with no opinion, 20% positive, and 26% negative and for James it's 59% with no opinion, 20% positive, and 21% negative.

The fact that Moore is the most well known and liked of the GOP candidates but still trails is a sign that many voters like him but don't necessarily think Governor is the position he's best suited for.

Byrne leads with moderates and conservatives alike. It's just 27-25 over Moore with voters on the right but with the small group of GOP centrists he has a wider advantage, getting 30% to 14% for Ivey and 12% for Moore.

This race could change a lot once the candidates pick up their name recognition but for now it looks like a battle between Byrne and Moore.

Full results here


Unknown said...

OMG! Why this state?!

Anonymous said...

Byrne continues to lead in the polls which isn't any news. Moore is still holding strong, doubt he'll best 20%. Bentley and Kay will be hard to actually get 10% on June 1st.

And Tim...oh Tim. You're at 9%. 5th in a primary of only 2 or 3 real candidates. Maybe 2018 will be a great year for "Common Sense". But I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

As a law student here in AL, and in light of our country's current political posture, my support in this race will be going hands-down to Judge Roy Moore.

The fact that Judge Moore has maintained such uncompromising, conservative positions throughout his successful legal career speaks volumes of his character.

Unknown said...

Hands down Roy Moore is by far the better choice for Governor. At this time in our nations history as bad as things are we have hope in one who will stand up for God and for the people of this great State of Alabama. Roy Moore God and Country!!!!!

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