Monday, March 15, 2010

The GOP Senate Contenders

Republicans certainly have the opportunity for a big year in Senate races, but for now most of their candidates aren't exactly lighting the world on fire. Only 1 out of 11 major Republican Senate contenders (Mike Castle) we've polled on since November has been viewed favorably by more than 35% of the voters in their state. And 5 of the 11 have had negative favorability numbers.

The polling success Republicans are having in a lot of these races has a lot more to do with the Democratic candidate(s) being unpopular than it does with the voters liking who the GOP's put forth. If the current political climate holds forth all the way through November that might not matter- the Republicans could win based just on the unpopularity of the Democrats. But if things do shift at all back in a Democratic direction few of the GOP candidates are strong enough to win on their own merits. It'll be interesting to see how it shakes out.

Here are the full numbers:


Favorability Numbers

Mike Castle (Delaware)


Charlie Crist (Florida)


Danny Tarkanian (Nevada)


John Boozman (Arkansas)


Marco Rubio (Florida)


Roy Blunt (Missouri)


Sue Lowden (Nevada)


Mark Kirk (Illinois)


Rob Simmons (Connecticut)


Linda McMahon (Connecticut)


Jane Norton (Colorado)



Anonymous said...

Tom, this post is very misleading! Most of these people have the whole overall numbers low because they're not yet well known.

John said...

Crist's unfavorable rating really makes him stand out.

Christian Liberty said...

70% approve of Scott Brown (R-MA) including 30% who strongly approve. (Rasmussen March 9)

gemimail said...

This is because very few politicians are popular with the voters right now. It is just the some of them are more unpopular than others.

Christian Liberty said...

Scott Brown is very popular with MA voters. When's the last time a Kennedy polled so high?

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