Friday, March 26, 2010

Opposition to McHenry proposal

Bipartisan is not a word that comes up frequently when talking about Patrick McHenry, but he's gotten Democrats and Republicans to agree on something. They're both opposed to his proposal to replace Ulysses Grant on the $50 bill with Ronald Reagan.

67% of voters in the state are opposed to the idea with 16% favoring it. There's not a single demographic group we track that supports the change. Even conservatives split against it by a 54/26 margin, as do Republicans at 52/27.

It's not that North Carolinians dislike Reagan. A poll we conducted last year found he was the state's favorite out of the last five Presidents. But Grant did, you know, kind of help keep the country together by leading the Union to victory in the Civil War and even we here in the old Confederacy seem to appreciate that.

And maybe most importantly in a time when 53% of North Carolinians name jobs and the economy as the most critical issue to them switching up the President on the $50 bill doesn't rank as a particularly high priority.

Full results here


USA2010 said...

Maybe the deal should be Reagan on the 50 and Kennedy on the 10. Who cares about Alex Hamilton anyway?

Christian Liberty said...

Grant shouldn't be expunged from the honor of our currency, FDR should.

jay said...

Who voted in this pole? Its funny I don't remeber being asked what I thought. I am tired of these poles where no one knows just who and how many voted. I love this web page but I can't stand "bits of infor with out sources" from any group. I want the details.

Anonymous said...


When will PPP do another check on whether or not McHenry can be sent home? He has two strong GOP challengers, and an ex-Republican who switched to the Democratic party running against him in the fall. A conservative Democrat like Jeff Gregory might just take him out if the primary guys don't.

McHenry needs to go for sure, but I wonder what his district thinks?

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