Thursday, March 4, 2010

Notes from Oklahoma-2

The rest of our poll in Oklahoma's 2nd Congressional District just further confirms stuff we've known since we did a full blown statewide poll last May:

-Tom Coburn is one of the most popular Senators in the country, and not remotely vulnerable for reelection. His approval in the district is a 56/32 spread in a time when we rarely find any Senators over the 50% mark. His 61% approval with independents is particularly strong considering those voters don't tend to like anyone right now, and 39% crossover support from Democrats is unusually high as well.

-Brad Henry and James Inhofe are pretty popular as well, each sporting an approval rating of 48%. Back in the day you might have said 50% was a good approval threshold but in a time when voters dislike pretty much everyone 40 might be the new 50, so these are good numbers. Oklahoma likes its politicians more than most states across the country.

-Yesterday Rasmussen showed Mary Fallin likely to be the state's next Governor, and we don't dispute that. In this particular district, which closely matched the statewide Presidential vote in 2008, Fallin leads Drew Edmondson 48-32 and Jari Askins 46-30. If Randy Brogdon can somehow win the primary this will be a close race in the general election- he leads Edmondson and trails Askins by a point each.

This may be the end of our Oklahoma polling for the year- the state just doesn't look too competitive. Full results here


Christian Liberty said...

could it be that Oklahoma likes its politicians more because their politicians are more CONSERVATIVE?

Anonymous said...

No, I highly doubt that. That's the most redicules thing I've heard. There are plenty of "Conservative" politicians in Texas that make me sick. And if you haven't noticed, OK-2 is likely a Dem seat, which would translate for you as liberal. I personally consider them all the same.

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