Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Colorado Senate

Mark Udall 48
Bob Schaffer 40

Mark Udall has increased his lead for Colorado's open Senate seat by two points since PPP's previous poll of the race last month.

Udall is winning independent voters 52-25, leads across every race and age demographic, and has a 57-30 advantage with the 51% of the state's voters who list the economy as their top issue.

Certainly this race is not over but Udall's stable, outside the margin of error, lead across PPP's surveys over the last three months bodes well for his chances in November.

Full results here


Anonymous said...

Please, poll NH. We have few polls in NH. It's only 4 evs but it's very important.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that Quinnipiac got the exact same 48-40 result. Once again your poll is validated!

Unknown said...

If more people across the state knew about Mark Udall, this would not be the case. He is an environmental obstructionist, is in the bag for big labor, and supports the Employee Free Choice Act, which takes away the private ballot from workers in union elections. This guy isn't doing the work for the little guy, for the normal Coloradan, a Liberal elitist...

Anonymous said...

Mark Udall is a fierce defender of our environment and a true champion of the working citizens of Colorado. I have lived in Colorado long enough to remember Bob Schaffer as the representative of the district in which I live. I know what to expect from him and I absolutely do not want to be represented by him again.

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