Monday, September 29, 2008

Hagan expanding lead

Kay Hagan 46
Elizabeth Dole 38
Christopher Cole 6

Kay Hagan now has her largest lead yet in North Carolina's Senate race. She led by 5 points a week ago and a single point three weeks ago.

Particularly troubling for Dole is how well Hagan is connecting with white voters. She trails Dole just 47-38 with that group. Usually for a Republican to win statewide here they need at least a 20 point advantage with whites to offset overwhelming African American support for Democratic candidates.

Hagan has expanded her lead with independents from 9 points to 14. She leads in almost every region of the state, and perhaps most significantly is up 55-32 with the increasing group of voters listing the economy as their top issues.

Full results here


Anonymous said...

Events are changing so fast, polls are not really valid. Hagan is not ahead eight points but I do agree Dole has problems. The recent blow-up with with our Speaker of the House could change every poll in a matter of minutes. Absolute power corrupts. Nancy could not wait until a bipartisan deal was complete. She had to take front and center. Ninety plus democrats would not support her from her own party. You Go Nancy.

Adam Terando said...

Nice try. republicans own this failure and that's how it's playing out.

Barney Frank put them in their place and got the sound bite in that will be on TV....republicans look like whiny babies that put their feelings above the country.

Anonymous said...

Now there is a good resource. If you read even the most liberal blogs, even they are saying it is a break down in leadership for Nancy. In fact, most comment she should have waited to get back to her bashing at least one hour.

Anonymous said...

The fact that only 60 Repukes voted for the bailout is the key figure here.

Anonymous said...

This wasn't a good bill. If you read the bill you would realize it had enough loopholes to drive a truck through. Because mortgages were failing the banks needed money to bail them out. It does nothing to help homeowners. If you help homeowners with assistance then the mortgages wouldn't be failing and the banks wouldn't need a bailout. With this bill the mortgages would still be failing and the banks would still need a future bailout because of failing mortgages.

crazyworld2046 said...

anonymous said...
"Now there is a good resource. If you read even the most liberal blogs, even they are saying it is a break down in leadership for Nancy. In fact, most comment she should have waited to get back to her bashing at least one hour."

I haven't seen a single liberal blog that said that, but I HAVE seen the transcript of Spkr. Pelosi's innocuous speech. Obviously Boehner was counting on the public not being able to find out what she actually said and being stupid enough to take his word for it. The closest she came to partisanship was simply stating the obvious truth that the current calamity is the inevitable result of excessive deregulation. Of course, as Stephen Colbert has repeatedly stated, reality DOES have a liberal bias.

Anonymous said...

The Editor of Time Magazine on Morning Joe,this morning, said the break down was a result of failed leadership by the current Speaker of the House as well as the leadership of the Republicans. Five Democrat chairs, appointed by the Speaker, voted against the bill. Five of her closet Democrat congressman from California voted against the bill. Ninety three Democrats and 103 Republicans voted against the bill. It appears to me both are to blame

Anonymous said...

The first bill helps the economy. This could not have been fixed by forking money over to those who paid too much for their houses. The TARP plan isn't a bailout, it's a pump lube. It gets the credit economy moving which allows the rest of the market to properly value assets like houses in that market or stock prices in that market.

Then again, why should anyone expect Joe/Jane Public to understand this since the political leaders, for the most part, don't understand it.

The right-wing media blowhards knew that a successful passage would be a dooms-bell for the fall elections. If it worked, the do-nothing congress would look like it lead on the economy. Forget about it. At least they could make it look bad.

Gotta love those McCain commercials where he both tries to claim leadership on the bill and that "Change is coming"

How cynical must the McCain campaign be about the intelligence of the average voter to try this.

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