Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I think Bev Perdue's newest ad is exactly what she needs to be doing.

As I've written before I think the reason Pat McCrory has been gaining relative to Perdue over the last month is that the voters have not seen or heard enough of her since the primary. I thought her campaign was at its best the last few weeks of the spring when she was the star in her own ads. Thirty seconds of her talking about what she's accomplished on the issues in her career is the sort of thing that voters need to hear.

It's also an effective counterbalance to the RGA's ads. She's talking about everything she's gotten done while fighting the status quo- in some sense separating herself from the Raleigh establishment that McCrory wants to tie her to and talking about what she's done to bring change to North Carolina.

It's a great start. I also think Democratic candidates need to remember this year that many voters, especially those in the middle, are going to be basing their votes on which candidate they think will be able to do something to improve their every day economic situation. Perdue, Kay Hagan, and Barack Obama should all be running an ad between now and the election that answers this simple question: "How will I be better off economically a year from now if I put you in office?" The answer needs to be straight forward and understandable and not at some high level of complication. If the Democrats can answer that question better than the Republicans they'll be in good shape.


Anonymous said...

Adding a zero to a zero is still a zero.

Tom Jensen said...

There's no doubt that if blog trolls determined our next Governor Pat McCrory would be elected.

Anonymous said...

You know, I understand that your views will influence you and you're free to express that on this blog, but I do find it strange how strongly you seem to support Perdue while seeming to insert much less opinion into most other races.

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