Monday, August 17, 2009

Colorado Preview

When we polled Colorado in April and found both Michael Bennet and Bill Ritter with pretty iffy numbers that was the first time I started thinking Democrats might be in a little bit of trouble. The next week we polled Illinois and found Alexi Giannoulias and Mark Kirk tied- that furthered my sense things were shifting, and pretty much every poll we've conducted since then has fit that pattern.

So this week we're back to Colorado and there's good news for Democrats: things aren't really any worse than they were in April in the state. And there's good news for Republicans too: they had to like where they stood when we conducted that poll.

Tomorrow we're going to have Senate numbers, Wednesday we'll have Barack Obama's approval and related questions, Thursday we'll have Governor numbers, and Friday we'll look at the Republican primaries for Governor and Senate.

One big observation from the numbers we'll be releasing tomorrow: all four major Senate candidates have negative approval/favorability numbers. The field certainly is devoid of heavyweights for a race without an elected incumbent, and voters in the state aren't that enthralled with their choices at this point.

And lest you think all the birthers are in the south, 43% of Colorado Republicans think Barack Obama was not born in the United States, 33% think he was, and 24% are unsure. Colorado is more down with the whole 'Hawaii is part of the US' thing than North Carolina voters were though. That stuff will be part of the Obama approval release on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

While people might think Obama was not born in the United States, they may not know that such a theory would nullify November's results. I bet if you were to ask how many think Obama is not legitimate, the number would be less. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Just a couple of hours ago, the Denver Post reported that former Lt. Gov. Jane Norton is considering running for the Bennett seat. I had not seen her previously mentioned, but she might be the big name that people were waiting to see jump in.

Unknown said...

Only in Jane Nortons head is she a big name, her name ID will be marginally higher then everyone elses but that will be because of all the other Nortons who have ran in Colorado. I woulnt be surprised if most people thought she was Gail Norton.

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