Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Who doesn't think Hawaii is a state?

The 8% of North Carolinians who don't think Hawaii is a state or don't know whether it is seems to be getting the most attention in our poll this week. Here's how they break down demographically:

-54% are Republicans, 38% are Democrats, and 9% are independents

-55% are conservatives, 34% are moderates, and 11% are liberals

-39% live in rural areas, 35% in small towns, 15% are suburbanites, and 11% live in urban areas

-41% are over 65, 29% between 46 and 65, 19% between 30 and 45, and 11% under 30. (Perhaps the older folks remember when Hawaii still wasn't a state and just missed the memo!)

-Ironically 15% of them list education as their top issue, compared to just 9% of voters overall- maybe that's an indication of some self awareness right there!

Because this question generated so much interest we're also going to put it on our Colorado and national polls due out next week.


Alex said...

Personally if asked that, my first reaction would be: What kind of poll is this? Seriously...I just hope Colorado isn't AS dumb as North Carolina.

8%...really people really

Unknown said...

(There's a typo in the rural/metropolitan areas bullet point.)

Stephen Wong said...

[picking jaw up off the floor]
Frankly, this is embarrassing for us as a nation. The fact that so many people in America live their lives in such ignorance is disturbing.

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