Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Odds and Ends

-We're polling Virginia this weekend. If you have any ideas for questions we should ask beyond the basic horse race stuff we are open to hearing them.

-Curious that the DNC is running ads propping up Bob Etheridge and Brad they need it? Certainly not as far as I know.

-People seemed to be surprised by Blanche Lincoln's poll numbers today...that speaks to the differences in perceptions about states that see frequent public polling and those that do not. If there was a Chris Dodd poll today for the first time in five months people would be shocked by it but since Connecticut gets surveyed all the time we're desensitized to it now. I have a feeling if someone was polling Arkansas every month we probably would have seen this coming to a greater extent.


Anonymous said...

Test Liz Cheney against Jim Webb for 2012....

Anonymous said...


Strategic Vision has Obama's approval in Georgia at 36/57 (down from 49/43 in June).

That would likely mean Obama is getting less than 20% approval from whites in Georgia. Does that sound possible to you?

Texas Iconoclast said...

Can't remember if y'all asked this already (and if you did disregard it), but I'd be interested in what are the voters top concerns/issues.

Also would like to see what the numbers look like for the other statewide races.

Also wondering if Deeds' attacks against McDonnell on abortion had any effect in Northern Virginia.

Anonymous said...

How about asking if people have heard about the Phil Hamilton scandal and if it makes them more or less likely to vote Republican?

Mike said...

Are you going to poll Rush Limbaugh's vision vs. President Obama's like you did in Arkansas?

Anonymous said...

You should ask whether or not Northern Virginia should secede, or whether people have positive/negative opinions of the area.

Venu said...


A recommendation for Virginia,

"Who did you vote for in the 2005 Gubernatorial election?"

It'd be nice to know:

1. See where the Russ Potts voters are going. Potts endorsed Deeds, but his voters would be naturally more towards McDonnell.

2. Is Deeds holding the Kaine bloc.

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