Monday, August 17, 2009

Something you don't expect to see

Last week Democratic Senate hopeful Kenneth Lewis challenged Richard Burr to a debate on health care.

This is the kind of thing you would expect Burr to ignore, especially given that Lewis is somewhat of a dark horse even to win the Democratic nomination. But he said yes, on the condition that Elaine Marshall and Cal Cunningham be invited too.

I think Burr's pretty smart on this one. Republicans are winning the health care battle in the court of public opinion and just last week we found 50% of North Carolinians opposed to Barack Obama's health care plans with just 39% in support. His response makes him look good because he's willing to engage with his opponents and stand up for his position but it's also something where a majority of the voters are with him at this point and he can throw some red meat to his base.

This is something Elizabeth Dole never would have done- and the more Burr does things differently from Dole the better off he's going to be.

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