Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Odds and Ends

Watch or Listen to PPP: Here's a TV story about Bev Perdue's popularity in Charlotte, a local NPR story about broader implications of the city's mayoral race, and an interview we did about our Colorado polling with David Sirota on AM 760 in Denver- the part with us starts a little more than half way through the file.

2012 Poll coming tomorrow: For the fifth month in a row Mike Huckabee is the strongest Republican candidate. Compared to last month Huckabee is up, Sarah Palin is down, and Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney are pretty much static. Palin's drop is not among GOP voters but mostly among Democrats and independents- my question is why now? She didn't show a decline on two July polls conducted after her resignation announcement.

Colorado Governor tomorrow also: Bill Ritter's approval rating among Democrats is only 64%. That's bad news for him but it's also bad news for Michael Bennet and Betsy Markey because the Governor's race is likely to be the largest turnout driver in Colorado next year and if Democrats aren't enthused about Ritter there's a risk they might not show up at all. We'll continue to watch how this develops.

Some national number trends: Republicans are closing the gap among moderates. In April 45% of them were Democrats and just 18% were Republicans. Now it's 42% Democrats and 27% Republicans. But there are still 18 conservative Democrats for every liberal Republican.

Media coverage fail: Another day with stories about the possibility of Pat McCrory running in the 8th district, another day of said stories failing to mention that McCrory doesn't actually live in the 8th district. He can legally run but Larry Kissell's going to be tough enough to beat without serving him up that carpetbagger softball to hit out of the park.

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penthet said...

What does it mean?

Terry Waterfield said...

With regards to Palin's drop among Democrats and Independants, could it be that her legitimacy as a candidate has taken a hit since she stepped down? For instance, during the past 30 days or so, Palin only seems to get press when she makes a comment on her facebook or twitter account. Considering the kind of Democrat that would have supported her in the first place (rural, blue-dog, etc.) I'm not sure relegating her message to social networking profiles is the best way to stay relevant and appear legitimate.

Simple thoughts said...

Tom, is palin above or below 40% approval?

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