Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Odds and Ends

-A friend at the Washington Nationals game on Saturday night told me that Elizabeth Dole's presence there was announced by the PA announcer. Obviously she has made no effort whatsoever to pretend to move back to North Carolina since losing her Senate seat. That's not a surprise- and certainly was part of why she lost- but I think it's strange no one in the NC press has really written that story.

-I wrote earlier today about Obama's poor Colorado approval in the 50 state numbers Gallup released. The state he lost last year where he's doing best is North Dakota, where his approval breaks down 63/32. That's good news for Byron Dorgan if John Hoeven really decides to challenge him in a place where the two different polls we've seen had widely diverging numbers.

-A new poll today showed Harry Reid trailing the chair of the Nevada Republican Party in a possible 2010 contest. Given how bad the poll numbers we've been finding for Democrats across the board are right now I totally believe it. I doubt our Colorado poll this week is going to be too pretty for either Michael Bennet or Bill Ritter, in Bennet's case even though none of his opponents are that hot. More thoughts on the importance (or not) of candidate recruitment tomorrow.

-I'd be interested to see someone in our North Carolina Press Corps get Richard Burr's take on the birthers. I'm guessing he thinks it's a crackpot theory, but our poll found that 38% of voters who approve of his job performance think Obama was not born in the US while only 35% think he was, so he risks antagonizing his base if he goes too far.

-Finally, we'll have our monthly look at Bev Perdue's popularity tomorrow- her approval is on the rise! Which is not saying much.

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Alex said...

I really want to see both the match-ups and primaries for Governor and Senator in Colorado. Especially Dan Maes and Cleve Tidwell...they're starting to make their ways up

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