Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday's Odds and Ends

-Yesterday's Rasmussen poll showing Hillary Clinton beating Sarah Palin 51-39 will probably just add fuel to the fire for the various folks who have contacted us asking that we start polling on Clinton as a 2012 candidate...we're not going to do it.

-I wrote a blog post Monday about how despite Richard Burr's poll numbers, he was starting to look better for reelection as things move in a Republican direction nationally. The NRSC took this and declared that 'a new poll showed strong numbers for Richard Burr.' Fail. Learn the difference between a blog post and a poll guys.

-Usually we put our polls for the next week into the field Friday or Saturday but I am headed to LA tomorrow to see my Braves play the Dodgers for the weekend so we started it up early. Here are some initial highlights:

*Just as in Virginia there are plenty of birthers in North Carolina, and a little more than 10% of voters don't consider Hawaii to be part of the US.

*The downward spiral of Bev Perdue's approval seems to be over...of course when you're down to 25% there aren't a lot of places to go but up. One problem for her? Fewer than a third of voters in the state consider her to be a decisive leader.

*Elaine Marshall's polling roughly five points better against Richard Burr than Cal Cunningham and Kenneth Lewis- that's an indication her greater initial name recognition is not a huge difference maker with the general public- of course it's probably more relevant at this point whether it's a huge difference maker with Democratic donors.

That poll will be in the field the rest of the week and we'll start rolling out numbers from it on Tuesday.

And you would have known everything I just posted already if you were following us on twitter.

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Anonymous said...


How about polling Montana? Obama will be there next week.

It'll be interesting to see how popular or unpopular he is in a state that doesn't get polled very often.

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