Friday, August 14, 2009

Coming next week...

Lots of good stuff!

Monday we'll release our first poll on the Charlotte Mayor's race. It's neck and neck.

Tuesday we're going to have numbers on how Charlotte voters are viewing Bev Perdue and Barack Obama.

Over the course of the week we'll be releasing our Colorado poll: approval ratings for the President, Governor and Senators, 2010 Senator and Governor numbers including the Republican primaries, and all the eye popping issues we've been tracking on a state by state basis of late- birthers, Hawaii part of the US, should the government stay out of Medicare, etc.

And we'll have our monthly national poll- in addition to the 2012 stuff we're really drumming down on the birthers- we're asking everyone who doesn't say Barack Obama was born in the US if they think he was born in Indonesia, Kenya, the Philippines, and heck we threw France in there to cover our bases. The national stuff will come out toward the later part of the week.

Stay tuned!


Alex said...

Can't wait to see the Colorado results. I really want to see the polling for the Senate primary, nothing has been done on that yet.

For the gubernatorial race, I heard Maes has 45% ID, but half haven't heard enough to make up their minds about him. Still interesting.

Unknown said...

You should add Hawaii to the list of possible Obama birth places.

After all, some of them don't think it's a state, right?

Anonymous said...

There is no 2012 Colorado poll, I assume? :'(

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