Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Odds and Ends

-Former Lieutenant Governor Dennis Wicker is the latest to join the possible Democratic candidates for Senate parade. Wicker has one very big positive: he's raised far more money than any of the other candidates publicly eying the race. On the negative side he lost the primary he raised all that money for by a wide margin and hasn't been in the public eye for almost a decade. Overall, given that this race is probably going to determined #1) by Barack Obama's popularity and #2) by the extent to which Richard Burr can be painted as ineffective and excessively partisan, Wicker would be a perfectly competent nominee. I feel the same way about the other Dems looking at the race too.

-We're scheduled to poll New Jersey next weekend but we're going to do Arkansas instead. NJ is getting polled plenty and there's a lot of curiosity about the impact everything going on right now is having on Blanche Lincoln's situation.

-Here's a key number from the Charlotte poll we're releasing tomorrow: Anthony Foxx leads John Lassiter 59-30 with Democrats who approve of Pat McCrory's job performance. Those folks made McCrory's long tenure as the Republican mayor of a Democratic city possible, and could be the swing voters who determine the winner this fall.

-Here are some initial observations from our weekend polling:

*The Mountain West has birthers too: among our first 182 Colorado respondents 94 said they thought Barack Obama was born in the United States, 44 said they thought he wasn't, and 44 said they weren't sure.

*Is there a divide in the birther ranks? Our national poll so far finds them nearly evenly split on whether think Obama was born in Indonesia or Kenya.

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Anonymous said...

I think you made a good choice to substitute AR for NJ. May I suggest that you guys do something similar for your next VA Gov poll? Given the recent trend of McDonnell leading by double digits, I think it might be worthwhile to explore some of the many other competitive or potentially competitive Senate races out their: CA, NV, ND, MO, OH, IL, PA, KY, NH, etc.

Anonymous said...

As a republican I find that we need focus so a poll like this may actually help us in the state amoung the GOP Senator Blanche Lincoln is going to end up the next Senator again, if only because of the state GOP infighting and failure to understand we need to get out of the dark ages. Sadly, my own party is imcompetent, corrupt and disorganized. Doyle Webb's, failure to provide candidates whether viable or not for so many seats in the state demonstrates who ineffective they are. Andrea Lea explained there was major infighting just over the need to recruit someone like Tom Cotton. Much of the party is already aligned itself with Curtis Coldman, the Huckster's guy. Then the Mark Martin faction wants to see Tom Cox, the creator of the Arkansas Tea Party Movement in office. Meanwhile the rest of us sit on the sidelines and watch this trainwreck take place. There has to be other options for the people.

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