Thursday, August 13, 2009

Looking at Hagan

An analysis by Progressive Punch finds Kay Hagan's voting record to be the third most conservative of Democratic Senators so far this year.

You might say, well North Carolina's a conservative state, she has to vote that way. But there are actually a dozen Senators from states that didn't vote for Obama that have more progressive records, at least by this particular analysis.

Hagan may just be voting her conscience and that's fine. But her election last year was more a product of voter dislike of Elizabeth Dole and the Republican leadership in Washington than affection for her. That means she needs to build up her own brand over the next five years so that in 2014 when her race is at the top of the ballot Democratic voters are enthusiastic about turning out to vote for her.

One other interesting thing in this analysis: Richard Burr is the only one of the 29 most conservative Senators who represents a state that voted for Barack Obama.

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