Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Health Care and Obama's Popularity

It's been pretty clear from the town halls that Barack Obama's detractors are more fired up on health care than his supporters but we have some interesting poll data to back that up now too.

We've asked about this issue on four polls now- a national one and state surveys in Arkansas, Colorado, and North Carolina. On each of those we found that among respondents who approve of the job Obama is doing as President support for him on health care is somewhere in the 70s. In North Carolina it's 79-4, in Colorado 77-7, nationally 75-6, and in Arkansas 73-10. Note that in all four instances 16-19% of his supporters reported having no opinion.

There is no such ambiguity about the President's actions on health care among respondents who disapprove of his overall performance. In Colorado those voters are opposed to him 97-0 on the issue. It's 97-1 in Arkansas, 95-2 in North Carolina, and 95-2 nationally. With these voters only 2-3% have no opinion.

This is one case where scientific data does match the public perception that Republicans are more motivated on this issue.

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