Monday, February 22, 2010


Thanks for the nominations on where we should poll this week, here are the finalists:

-Colorado. Same rationale as last week- I have no reason to doubt the numbers Rasmussen has had from Colorado but it's better to have multiple pollsters looking at a state, particularly one with competitive races for both Governor and the Senate.

-Georgia. I'm not convinced this is going to be an anti-incumbent year- I think it's mostly going to be an anti-Democratic year. But if it is this is one of the Senate races where Democrats could have a better opportunity...if they got a serious candidate. (We'd look at Governor too.)

-Maryland. Maryland probably gets less polling per capita than any other state in the country...there may or may not be anything to see here but with races for Governor and the Senate this year it's worth a look.

-MO-4 (Ike Skelton.) Skelton's been around forever but his district certainly tilts Republican...and it would be interesting to see how Roy Blunt's doing relative to John McCain's performance in the district.

-NJ-3 (John Adler.) We haven't looked at Democratic levels of vulnerability in any northern districts yet and a couple of you suggested this one so why not...

-OK-2 (Dan Boren.) Boren, despite the strongly conservative nature of his district, isn't even on the Cook Political Report's list of 113 competitive House seats for this year...should he be?

-OR-5 (Kurt Schrader.) This district, maybe more than any other we've polled yet, is one where I feel like if the GOP wins they're taking back the House.

-Washington. Rasmussen and Survey USA both had some bad numbers for Patty Murray here last week...could Washington be the GOP's 51st seat for next year?

We'll definitely poll whatever finishes first, we may do a second as well, but we won't do two House districts- if a House district finished first and we were going to do two we'd do the highest ranked state.

Vote away!


Anonymous said...

What did you do? Bow to pressures from the Paul campaign?

Anonymous said...

Carl Smith, GA12!!!

ChuckInSeattle said...

If you do Ike Skelton, have his district weigh in on Don't Ask, Don't Tell, because he can single-handedly hold it up in the House.

David A. Staples said...

Don't forget there's Libertarians in the races in Georgia:

John Monds for Governor

Chuck Donovan for U.S. Senate

Anonymous said...

why do so many people want to see poll on Borren?

I rather see at least 60 house seats polls before that one

Anonymous said...

After see the first (very interesting) poll for VT-Gov race, as Democrat im very interested and I vote for:


But I like comment about other race what all people forget:

WY-Gov with D Freudenthal.

I think Wyoming has less polls per capita than Maryland.

Anonymous said...

Given that Rasmussen just released a poll on Isakson in Georgia today, perhaps polling some other state would be best.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see a real poll on the Governors Race of Georgia. I would also like to see State Rep. Austin Scott in this poll that is also running for Governor of Georgia.

Anonymous said...

next time you do Colorado can you do the primaries? Include Dan Maes and Cleve Tidwell. I believe Maes is going to win the convention, he is very popular down here with his grass-roots campaign, Tidwell has the same deal going

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