Monday, February 1, 2010

Voting Open

Voting is now open on where we will poll this coming weekend. We will do the top two vote getters, unless they're both Congressional districts in which case we'll do one statewide poll and one Congressional poll.

Here are the finalists:

-Maryland. For whatever reason this is a rarely polled state. With races for both Governor and Senator it'd be interesting to see if there's anything to see here.

-Nebraska 2nd Congressional District (Lee Terry.) Do Democrats have real opportunities for offense anywhere? This is a good test case in a district where they almost won in 2008 and arguably now have a stronger candidate.

-New Mexico. Barack Obama's popularity has really declined in some of the Mountain West states where he did so well in the same true here? And if so, does that mean a heated race for Governor this fall?

-Ohio 12th Congressional District (Pat Tiberi.) Like NE-2, interested in seeing how good Democratic opportunities are for offense. This is a district that went strongly for Obama but did not have a viable Democratic Congressional candidate last time around.

-Oklahoma 2nd Congressional District (Dan Boren.) This is one of those 'how bad is it?' places for Democrats. If Boren's in trouble you have to wonder what Dem in a district that voted for McCain isn't.

-Texas. I hear there's a little primary of interest here later this month...

-Virginia 5th Congressional District. (Tom Perriello.) Perriello's win in 2008 would have to rank as one of the five biggest surprises on the House side. Does he have any shot at reelection in this brutal political climate?

-Washington. The conventional wisdom about what is and isn't vulnerable has changed a lot in the wake of the Massachusetts race...does Patty Murray have anything to worry about?

Voting is open until Thursday morning.


Anonymous said...

Pereillo held a lot of town halls last year to some very hostile audiences. It will be interesting to see if that strategy worked for him.

Anonymous said...

No-one option interesting for a democrat. Without vote.

The selection has only interesting perspective for republicans, NE-02, OH-12 or TX-Gov are not the best chance for dems by large margin. That only find poor democratic results for disappoint more.

Anonymous said...

If VA-05 wins, poll the Republican primary if possible. Robert Hurt is taking a lot of flack from the teabagger set, but has the backing of the Washington Republican establishment. Would be nice to see which side is currently more influential.

Brandon K said...

You should wait until the weekend before the election to do the Texas poll. There's no reason for one now(unless you plan on doing another one then too).

Jeff said...

Quick request for Texas if you poll it: could you poll the second choice of Medina's supporters?

Roll Tide said...

I'll suggest going back to Alabama. Take a look at today's campaign finance disclosures. On the Republican side, it's a Crist-Rubio type issue and the leading Dem is a AA Congressman who can raise money and who was Obama's state chairman.

Lovettsville Lady said...

Maryland is never polled because 99% of the time the democrat wins. It's worse than Massachusetts.

Anonymous said...

The Texas Republican Primary is pretty interesting, especially considering that there are two professional politicians running against a business woman who knows more stuff than the other two do and beat them in both the debates. It's just getting her name out. Anyway, thought I would share that it is actually interesting. I mean, the longest serving governor of Texas could for an unprecedented third term!

MMX FLEX said...

Perriello is no blue-dog ... he voted for the failed stimulus (where are the jobs, VA?), cap & trade (skyrocketing electricity prices is really what VA needs, right), and obamacare (did he even read the bill?) during his first year in office. So, it is not surprise that he is on MMX FLEX's list of 50 "MUST GO" Congressmen in 2010. We will be spotlighting VA-5 at shortly. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Texas governor-Another Debra Medina and Independent voter/supporter here!

Anonymous said...

I wish u could poll Indiana Bayh against Coats pronto

KB said...


Your site is a joke. You are a bunch of right wing nuts that want a totalitarian state. The fact that you call it "obamacare" shows that you are a partisan hack. The fact that Obama has done nothing on this bill (since he is not in the House or the Senate) won't stop you from your name calling.

BTW, Obama's numbers have gone down with the economy. When the economy starts turning around so will the Democrats numbers. We won't win 2010 but this huge upset idea is insane. Have fun being in the minority for another decade!

KB said...


BTW we live in a representative democracy. I know you didn't go to college or if you did you went to Liberty, yeah nevermind still didn't go to college, but that means you elect people to make decisions for you! "MMX FLEX is a grass roots organization committed to empowering Americans tired of being ignored by their reps" if this is the case then follow your own advice to Democrats under Bush and leave this country! There are plenty of true democracies out there.

Anonymous said...

lol at KB. A representative democracy does not mean we elect representatives to make decisions FOR us. It means we elect people to REPRESENT us. When elected officials fail to REPRESENT us and vote in ways that are not in our best interest, they should be replaced.

DrPep said...

KB is delusional, I fear he is falling into the same Ivy tower fallacies that are rampant in Washington. If you truly believe our president has nothing to do with the healthcare legislation you might want to ask for your money back from UofM as they have not been educating you.

MMX FLEX said...

As promised ... MMX FLEX shines its spotlight on Virginia's 5th District.

Check it out at

It looks like Perriello may lose more than 729 of his 2008 vote total.

deb said...

Please poll Oklahoma!!!


Christian Liberty said...

Rasmussen reveals that the second most populous state is likely to remain governed by a Republican. What's interesting about Texas is that White not only trails Hutchinson and Perry, but trails Medina as well. And independents prefer any of the three Republican candidates by double-digits over White. And women prefer Hutchinson over White.

Anonymous said...

As progressive Im interested in:

PA-Gov with Onorato and Sestak too.
MI-Gov with Archer.

PA-11 with Kanjorski, O'Brien primary challenger, Mellow state senator and Doherty Mayor of Scranton.

And more at statewide level (MN-SA, CA-AG or more open races).

No-one in the list. Surprised.

Anonymous said...

Hey KB...we're not a representative democracy. We are a Representative Constitutional Republic.

The founders were against democracy since it is mob rule of mobocracy and the rights of the minority are not protected by the other 51% Mobocracy replaces the tyranny of a king and with the tyranny of the majority. A Representative Constitutional Republic has LAW as king and works to protect the rights of the minority with multiple levels of checks and balances.

A RCR makes change slow but ensures that a mass majority is required and massive hurdles may be passed before something is changed. This ensures that there is thorough discussion and overview of changes.

We have moved towards a democracy and the rule of law is ignored more and more and each of us sometimes is the minority is some issue. The people become divided and bitter and fight each other while the elite kick back and laugh and use money and other tools to control the government. Things just get worse and worse and the people just get more and more irritated at the "other party". We are given a false Matrix...a false left/right paradigm and are fooled into fighting each other over stupid crap while the big boys steer our country where they want.

How's that move towards democracy working for you? You like it when the rule of law is ignored and we the sovereign masters are enslaved and pitted against each other?

Think about it...research it...learn the out for the rabbit hole my is deep and disturbing.

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