Wednesday, March 24, 2010

E-Mail of the Day

Always love the e-mails accusing us of being a front for Republicans!

Sent: Wed 3/24/2010 8:58 AM
To: PPP Information
Subject: Congratulations:

Please be aware rthat you have been added to our list of phony pollsters.
These are Republican controlled pollsters who put out bisased, slanted
Our list is sent to over 235,000 subscribers and media outlets.

Byron Vanderway
Media Watch USA


Unknown said...

WTH is Media Watch? Why can't you answer me Tom Jensen, aka, Reichwing Scum! Ur polling result hert Obauma. :)

Christian Liberty said...

"phony pollsters" and "Republican controlled pollsters" are pollsters who deliver accurate results, which inevitably show the Democrats in decline. MoveOn launched the same smear against Gallup in 2004. Kos is smearing Rasmussen now because his polls are too accurate. Left-wing nuts can't stand the truth.

Consider that Email a badge of honor.

Rasmus said...

Yeah sure. That's why Byron Vanderway only turns up on Google as the author of this mail, and MediaWatchUSA is existent, but only with an old, horribly designed homepage that no one links to or cares about.

I think someone may have pranked you.

Anonymous said...

Congrastulations on being a bisased pollster. Very professional email that guy sent over. Media Watch sounds like quite a company.

Anonymous said...

There are some spelling mistakes there. Nice job lol.

John Seal said...


Methinks Media Watch needs to start a companion Spelling Watch website.

Anonymous said...

Well, I agree with Byron Vanderway with all respect.

Is obvious PPP dislike the Health Care Reform and dislike many or all the reforms of the Obama agenda. Is obvious PPP is making opposition with this polls.

Why all these republican commenters support PPP? Is obvious.

jd said...

oh my, and its riddled full of grammatical errors!

Bluejoy said...

PPP is a Democratic outfit. Their numbers to this point have rarely been off, just depressing. But that is all about to change. As far as being a front, Dean can work for whoever he wants, there is no law saying he has to hide his ties. Any pollster who delivers what wants to be heard will not stay in business unless they are specifically a propaganda pollster. PPP is not.

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