Monday, March 15, 2010

Florida on its Governors

One of the things we like to do sometimes on our polls is ask people in a particular state who their favorite and least Governors are out of the last five. We did that on our Florida poll and the results were kind of interesting:

-Jeb Bush rated as both the state's favorite and least favorite Governor since Bob Graham. 42% picked him as their favorite, leading Graham at 23% and Lawton Chiles at 21%. 33% picked him as their least favorite with the other four recent Governors all falling between 16 and 19%. I know it's shocking that a Bush would have this kind of polarizing impact.

-These numbers are yet more bad news for Charlie Crist. Only 4% of Republicans picked him as their favorite recent Governor, behind Democrats Graham and Chiles. 23% chose him as their least favorite. Just another data point indicating he's in a lot of trouble for the primary.

Full results here

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Anonymous said...

Undeer Jeb the state became divided and expensive. Insurance costs rose to new highs by allowing them to form florida only companies-therby sending profits out of state to the parent companies. This practice is still continuing with other types of insurers

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