Friday, March 19, 2010

Taking Suggestions

We haven't done much in the Midwest lately so we're looking at Ohio and Wisconsin this weekend, and I'm pretty sure we'll do Missouri next weekend. What other state should we look at next week? We'll take nominations until Monday and then put it to a vote.

Has to have a 2010 Senate/Governor race and beyond that we're open to suggestions.


John said...

Since Bob Ehrlich announced his interest in running for the Senate against Barbara Mikulski, would a MD-SEN poll between Mikulski (D-MD) and both Ehrlich and a generic R be far behind?

Karl said...

I'm always down for more Minnesota polling. Otherwise what you have looks pretty good for the Midwest.

Kristopher said...

Still need some polling in Alabama.

Christian Liberty said...

Ohio got a lot of press in 2004 because Democrats made unfounded claims of voter fraud. What we forget is that Bush's narrow loss in PA was even closer than Kerry's loss in OH.

So let's look at PA, which could cost Democrats more congressional seats than any other state in 2010. Toomey leads Specter by a healthy margin. Corbett also leads statewide. Corbett's election would really signal a warning sign to the supporters of a government healthcare takeover.

What we should find is that a Republican Attorney General who promotes suing the federal government to BLOCK implementation of Obamacare is highly favorable and popular in a blue state... and the favorite to become governor. Corbett can ride opposition to Obamacare to victory every bit as much as Scott Brown rode to victory by openly declaring that I WILL BE THE 41st vote AGAINST Obamacre!!

Come to think of it, is there any state in the Big Ten in which Republicans can't win the governor seat? Democrats' tax-and-spend schemes have failed. And Democrats' cap-and-tax schemes would cause even more damage to the "Rust Belt". For that matter, it was Democrats' slavishness to unions and bureaucrats and environmental extremists and high taxes and oppressive government regulation that turned the Great Lakes into the great Rust Belt.

But Pennsylvania should be a great test case.

Unknown said...

Ehrlich v. Mikulski in Maryland. You could poll Arizona with Garcia v. McCain and Garcia v. Heyworth. South Carolina, Georgia, and Utah could be interesting. Demint v. Rawl, Isakson v. Hadley, Bennett v. Republican field. Or you could see if Joe DioGuardi fares better than Bruce Blakeman.

I'm curious to see a poll in Wisconsin that would show Feingold v. Ryan or Sensenbrenner. Sure, they're not running but neither is Thompson.

Anonymous said...

You should poll in either Indiana or Illinois for the two senate seats that are up for grabs.

As for polling elsewhere, you should poll in North Carolina's Eighth Congressional District for the Republican and Democratic primaries, as well as the general election for its House seat.

Anonymous said...

If you do Wisconsin PLEASE test Mark Neumann or Mark Green against Feingold.
Other suggestions-
Hawaii has had little polling this year. They have a competitive Dem primary for Gov and it is assumed the Dem nominee is the next gov. There have been no General Election polling. You could also throw in a poll if the HI-01 Special election.
House district-
Still say La-02. Cao is considered a goner, but is his vote for HCR a boost? Also, will state Sen. Ed Murray's possible indy bid allow him to sneak thru?

Anonymous said...

Ehrlich vs Mikulski and Ehrlich vs O'Malley.

Erich Heyssel's Blog said...

I nominate Maryland!

Anonymous said...


wwmiv said...


Anonymous said...

Please do California (GOV and Senate) and Michigan (gov).

Anonymous said...

As democrat I think Ohio and Wisconsin are booth very good selections. And for the next week, very interesting Minnesota and Illinois, I think more interesting than Missouri, but Missouri is well too.

Im interested too in AZ-Gov race. The last poll results for this race give the bigger differences for all senate or gubernatorial races.

Anonymous said...

CT-04. Six Republicans running including State Sen. Debicella, Fmr State Sen. Russo, and self-funder Tom Herrmann of Easton. Rick Torres, Rob Merkle, and Will Gregory also running. Would like to see a poll of the primary as well as a poll to see if Jim Himes is really as vulnerable in CT as some have said.

Anonymous said...

Arkansas Senate.

Anonymous said...

OH 2012
WI 2012
PA 2012

Anonymous said...

Arkansas Senate Primaries PLEASE.

I want to see how Halter is doing against Lincoln.

ChuckInSeattle said...

Winner take all special House election.
Regular House Election

Might be fun to ask some Birther-related question. (How many GOP in HI think Obama wasn't born in the USA? What they think about Birthers on the Mainland?)

They had their own issue with Civil Unions this spring. And since the very first gay marriage debate was in HI years and years ago, it would be interesting to see how that changed.

Anonymous said...

1. AR-SEN: There has been 0 polls of Arkansas Senate since Bill Halter got in.
2. AL-GOV: How is Davis doing? There has been no polling here?
3. NY-SEN: What is the deal here, with Gillibrand's challengers constantly coming in and out? Can any of them beat her?
4. NY-GOV: Does Levy do better against Cuomo than Lazio?
5. NH-SEN: Have you guys polled here yet? This has a potential to be a close race, but most polls have shown Ayotte leading by a wide margin.
6. NV-SEN: How does the tea party factor in here? We have gotten no real polling of this race since the Te Party candidate was announced.
7. CA-SEN, and CA-GOV: Field Poll shows Boxer down, and Whitman up. Lets try to confirm that.
8. CA-03 or IL-10: Potential Democratic pickups
9. TN-08: Strong Democrat running in some fertile Republican territory

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I´m either for Alabama (Artur Davis) or Indiana (Brad Ellsworth).

The last Alabama poll is months old and you could also poll the primaries.

Would be also great to have an Indiana poll that`s not from Rasmussen or R2000.

Maybe you could poll the 2012 race as well to see if Palin leads in any of these states right now or if Huckabee or Romney are favored.

Jose Ortiz said...

MD Sen.- Ehrlich might make it competitive
WI Sen. Let's take a non-Rasmussen perspective at Wisconsin
NY Sen.- Let's see if DioGuardi has a shot.

Kyle S. said...

I suggest Iowa if we're sticking to the Midwest. I haven't seen any recent polling of Grassley there

OSUPhantom said...

-Murray v.s Dino Rossi
-Murray v.s Susan Hutichson
-Murray v.s Generic R

Washington's 3rd and 8th Districts

Anonymous said...

Poll OH-15 at the same time like for New Mexico, please. They are very much interesting races in Ohio.

Unknown said...

How about Illinois?

Mr. P said...

WIsconsin District 8 Republican primary and general election please!

Mr. P said...

Also, you could see where Nancy Pelosi is polling at. In a time when many more liberal areas are leaning conservative, does the Bay Area hold strong?

Anonymous said...

Lets look at California. Field Poll shows Boxer vulnerable

Anonymous said...

You should REALLY poll Nebraska. I know that there isn't a 2010 race, but Ben Nelson's approval would be very interesting to see. Also, NE-2 would be very interesting to see. Obama won this district narrowly, and I am interested in seeing Terry's reelection prospects in light of the current Republican atmosphere?

Frankie said...

pa-12 special would be nice.

Anonymous said...

Stupak may have just committed political suicide in his Republican leaning district.

Anonymous said...

2012 Primary polling in Iowa plus the Governor Primary

Julian Stolz said...
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Anonymous said...

Illinois. Post-primary poll to see the GOV race (where other pollsters have given big leads to Dems and Reps)

And the SEN race where Kirk is probably running close.

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