Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Birthers strong in NC too

Only 54% of North Carolina voters say with certainty that they believe Barack Obama was born in the United States, with 26% saying they think he was not, and 20% unsure.

The 'birther' phenomenon has gotten a lot of attention nationally in recent weeks and the North Carolina numbers come out pretty similar to a Virginia poll we did last week that found only 53% of people there believed Obama was born in the country. National polling by Research 2000 for Daily Kos has found that this movement is particularly strong in the south.

47% of Republicans in the state think Obama was not born in the US, with 29% unsure, and just 24% stating that they think he was. The concern related to Obama's origin is less pronounced among Democrats and independents, 75% and 63% respectively of whom say that Obama was born here.

We also threw in a question about whether people considered Hawaii to be part of the United States, and 8% of respondents either said they did not or that they were unsure. 68% of those voters expressed disapproval of Obama's job performance, an indication that their refusal to acknowledge Hawaii as part of the country may be a response to dislike of the President the state produced.

This may be a fringe movement, but at least in the south it's a pretty large fringe.

Full results here


4thBG said...

There are simply some that will always believe that the moon landing was a hoax, we are housing aliens at area 51, Elvis & Jim Morrison are living in Africa, the lochness monster does actually exist and Barack Obama was born in Kenya.

He's a democrat, he's black and he's the President - get over it.

Unknown said...

In response to "8% of respondents either said they did not or that they were unsure." let us not forget our presidential candidate commenting on our 57 states...

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