Friday, August 21, 2009

GOP candidates with the non-birthers

A commenter on the post about who the birthers like- Sarah Palin- asked for a breakdown on who Republicans who do think Barack Obama was born in the United States like. Great question.

60% of those folks (the reasonable wing of the party?) have a favorable opinion of Mike Huckabee, 58% have one of Sarah Palin, 57% have one of Mitt Romney, and 52% have one of Newt Gingrich.

When it comes to favorability spreads with those voters Huckabee's at +43, Romney's at +40, Gingrich is at +29, and Palin is at +27. That's because Palin's negatives with that group are at 31% while Gingrich is at 22%, and Huckabee and Romney are at just 17%.

So there is a definite divide between what the birther wing of the party and the non-birther wing of the party think about Palin and Romney.

This is no surprise but the ideology breakdown among GOP birthers is 69% conservatives and 30% moderates, while it's 53% moderates and just 46% conservatives among non-birthers.

The fact that none of the GOP candidates exceeds a 60% popularity level with Republican voters who think Obama was born in the United States may speak to the need for 'none of the above' to be the party's nominee in 2012 if they're going to get the moderate votes they need to win the Presidency back. I continue to think the best hope for them to win is to go outside the quartet of early favorites we've been polling on a month to month basis.


Anonymous said...

What about those who don't know?

Anonymous said...

You also don't give us the numbers and spread for GOP birthers.

Jeff said...

Thanks for doing this breakdown. Not what I expected. Not sure who would best appeal to these voters: maybe Pawlenty.

CJ said...

How about doing a break down on the number of people who think Obama could stop all this birther nonsense dead by releasing the vault copy of his birth certificate?


Anonymous said...

Obama has offered two documents since he took office. The first was a Certificate of live birth. It has been proven to be a fake. His sister has the same document and admits she was born in Indonesia.
The second document was his Selective Service form which has also been proven fake. The only other document we know is for real is the form which shows he was named Barry Soetoro, an Indonesian citizen, and a Muslim.
We still have no info on his college days, whether or not he has been treated for coacain abuse, which he admits, his arrest record,....nada nothing. The only forms he has produced are proven fakes. I put myself in the "birther" camp and would rather have Palin than Biden, Hillary, or Obama. We know he has had a name change, why was that? Why did he choose a Muslim name? When did he get his citizenship back after Indonesia? They don't allow dual citizenship.
The final question is why was the first executive order he signed was to NOT release any of his info to the public? He is supposed to be "transparent". We can't even prove he PASSED college. Maybe his degree is mail order.

JohnDoeAt30Below said...

How many radical socialists and violent Black Panthers support Obama?

Who cares?

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