Friday, April 3, 2009

The importance of the Triangle to Obama's victory

How important is the Triangle to continued Democratic gains in federal elections in North Carolina?

It was the only media market made up mostly of North Carolina counties to vote for Barack Obama last fall.

Obama took the region 56-43, racking up a plurality of 186,000 votes.

His next best performances were in the Triad and greater Charlotte, each of which he lost 52-47. In the Triad his deficit was 43,000 votes and in Charlotte it was 66,000.

He lost 53-46 in Asheville, Greenville, and Wilmington. In Asheville it was a deficit of 22k votes, in Greenville 25, and in Wilmington 16k.

Add up those losses in all of the other state's media markets and it comes to 172k, allowing that 186k margin in the Triangle to make up for losing everywhere else.

There's not much doubt what region's growth is contributing the most to North Carolina's increased competitiveness in Presidential politics.

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