Monday, April 13, 2009

Vote on where we poll

Colorado, Connecticut, and Illinois are the choices this week:

We haven't polled Colorado since January so it would be interesting to see how Michael Bennet's doing after three months in office and how he might stack up to some of the Republicans currently being mentioned as possible candidates for next year. Bill Ritter also looked surprisingly vulnerable the last time we polled so we can see if that was an outlier or a trend.

We've seen two sharply divergent polls from Connecticut over the last few weeks with Research 2000 showing Chris Dodd with mediocre but not dire numbers and Quinnipiac showing him very much on the edge of political death. We could see where our numbers fall on that spectrum, and also get an idea of how much better off Democrats would be with Richard Blumenthal as their nominee instead of Dodd.

Finally, we could look at Illinois, namely how Roland Burris and Alexi Giannoulias fare both against each other and Mark Kirk. I guess we could include Jan Schakowsky and William Daley as well although their candidacies seem like less of a sure thing. We'd also look at how Pat Quinn and Lisa Madigan do against each other and GOP hopeful Bill Brady.

Vote at the top of the page, it'll be open until Wednesday at 10 AM.


Rasmus said...

Connecticut, and you could also do some polling on a Dodd-Pearson primary. I don't think that Blumenthal will run against Dodd, and Dodd will not retire.

And I still think that Wisconsin could be a sleeper race.

Ian Lazaran said...


Who do you have in mind that would make it a sleeper race? If you are thinking Ryan, then Larry Sabato agrees with you.

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