Thursday, April 16, 2009

Obama improves NC approval figures

Barack Obama's approval numbers in North Carolina continue to be solid, with 54% of voters in the state expressing support for the job he's doing this month compared to 38% who disapprove. Those numbers are up a tick from March, when the breakdown was 53/40.

Among both Democrats and Republicans Obama's numbers are nearly identical to where they were a month ago, with 85% of Democrats but only 13% of GOP identifiers giving him good marks. The overall improvement his numbers comes from a better standing with independents. They were evenly split in their appraisals of Obama previously but now approve of what he's doing by a 50/46 margin.

There is a signficant gender gap in voter perceptions about how Obama is faring, with 60% of women but only 48% of men approving of his work. Not surprisingly he is getting very good reviews from two demographics groups that put him over the top last year at the polls, with 92% of African Americans and 63% of voters under 30 saying he's doing a good job.

His approval is above 50% in every region of the state, showing that his job approval is more well distributed across the state than his votes were, when he only won the Triangle. The Triangle and greater Charlotte give him his best numbers, the Mountains and northeastern North Carolina his weakest.

New Senator Kay Hagan's job approval splits evenly at 33/33 this month.

Full results here.

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