Monday, April 6, 2009

Kentucky split on Obama

When it comes to their early opinions on Barack Obama's job performance Kentucky voters are showing similar trends to the rest of the country: good numbers from Democrats, very little support from Republicans, and increasingly poor reviews from independents. In the Bluegrass State what that all adds up to is 46% approving and 45% disapproving of Obama's work so far.

71% of Democrats but only 16% of Republicans give the President positive marks. Among independents there is a 57% level of disapproval compared to just 35% who approve. PPP recently found negative numbers for Obama among independents on both a national poll and an Arkansas poll.

PPP measured approval for the state's Governor and two Senators as well. Steve Beshear has the best numbers with 47% of voters expressing support for his work and 37% disapproving. His reviews are a little more bipartisan than Obama, with fewer Democrats (66%) but more Republicans (27%) approving of his performance.

Mitch McConnell, after a surprisingly weak performance at the polls last fall, continues to have mediocre numbers with more voters disapproving than approving of his work by a margin of 47-44.

Jim Bunning has by far the worst rating of any of the state's major politicians. PPP took a wide look at the Senator's current standing and those findings will be released Wednesday.

Independent voters in Kentucky seem to just dislike their politicians across the board. In addition to Obama Beshear, McConnell, and Bunning all get net negative ratings from them as well.

Full results here.

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Rasmus said...

Wow. If it's 'by far' worse than McConnells 44-47, then he is moot. DailyKos had him at something like a -8 net approval or so,and up just within the MoE vs. the Dems- so when he has a net approval rating of -15 or more in this poll, he'll certainly trail his challengers by a lot.
Did you poll Trey Grayson on the GOP side also? And whom for the Dems? Mongiardo?

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