Thursday, April 2, 2009

Weak ABC crowd in North Carolina

We've known for years that there are basketball fans across North Carolina who wear the 'ABC' label proudly- 'Anyone But Carolina.' This week, for what we believe to be the first time, Public Policy Polling has conducted a scientific statewide poll to figure out just how many of those folks there are and the answer is that it's not a very significant segment of the population. 13% of residents in the state say they are explicitly rooting against UNC to win the national championship this weekend in Detroit, while 67% say they hope the Tar Heels pull it through and 21% don't care.

That would seem to be an indication that while the more vociferously anti-Carolina supporters of Duke, State, Wake, and other programs in the state may make the most noise a decent segment of their fans are happy to jump on the bandwagon and root for UNC out of state pride. Of course this was just a poll of North Carolinians so we don't know what the Dook fans in Jersey think.

Support for the Tar Heels is pretty steady across race, gender, and regional lines throughout the state but there is actually a relatively strong division along party lines. 75% of Democrats but only 58% of Republicans say they're cheering for UNC. I guess conservative distrust of those liberals up at Chapel Hill may bleed over even to sports.

North Carolinians are also pretty confident that UNC will be bringing home the trophy next Tuesday. 61% think the Heels will win the national championship, while 14% think someone else will win and 25% aren't sure.

Full results here

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