Monday, April 20, 2009

Where should we poll this week?

This week's choices are Georgia, Illinois, and Oklahoma.

I'm interested in Georgia because when we took Johnny Isakson's approval rating in November it was one of the worst of anyone in the country we've done over the last year. That may have been an anomaly but I'm interested in looking again to see if it really is that bad because if it is Democrats should be paying a lot more attention to this seat.

Illinois I'll just repeat what I said when we gave this option last week: Illinois, namely how Roland Burris and Alexi Giannoulias fare both against each other and Mark Kirk. I guess we could include Jan Schakowsky and William Daley as well although their candidacies seem like less of a sure thing. We'd also look at how Pat Quinn and Lisa Madigan do against each other and GOP hopeful Bill Brady.

Oklahoma it seems increasingly possible that Tom Coburn is not going to run for reelection so we could look at both how he does against some of the big name Democrats in the state and how this might shape up as an open seat contest.

The voting will be open until Wednesday at 10 AM.

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Texas Iconoclast said...

If Georgia comes up, I'd also like to see what numbers are out there for the Governor's race.

Even more so than the Senate race, because there are announced Democratic contenders for the guv race.

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