Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Top issues across party lines in NC

Not surprisingly it doesn't matter whether you're a Democrat, Republican, or independent in North Carolina- your top issue right now is the economy.

That's true for 60% of Democrats, 55% of independents, and 49% of Republicans in the state on our latest poll.

When it comes to the second or third biggest issues for individual voters though you find a fair amount of variety. For Democrats education is the second biggest thing at 13%, followed by health care at 8%. For Republicans moral and family values take the runner up slot at 23% with taxes in third at 9%. Independents split a traditionally progressive issue and a conservative one in the second and third spots- moral and family values are second while education is third.

It's interesting to note that even among GOP voters only 4% name immigration as their top concern. While our polling certainly still shows North Carolinians are pretty conservative when it comes to issues involving immigration, the intensity about those feelings does not appear to be what it was two years ago.

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